Its official!!

Doing my books for june…its official, as of June 6th my business has broken even :smiley:

Not too bad for 9 months! Setting up larger ads for next years phone books, new google ads, a few new toys, adding a new service, taking another away (no takers anyway).

So generally speaking…I’m a happy boy, with a $1,000 a month computer parts bill from my supplier :D.

already have about $300 in work from the last few days, another job in about an hour, and a probable for tomorrow.

To celebrate I ordered myself a new tool bag. Yeah its a camera bag but since I am packing around external hard drives and such I thought a nice padded bag would be a good investment.

I suggest you out source to a CPA, pronto! :smack:

I’m so jealous.
Let you know when our aikido dojo breaks even (yeah right).


Good. Don’t let your business be That Business. You know what business I’m talking about.

One of those businesses that…looks around nervously, then whispers…fails.
We’ll have none of that here. We want the average driven up, up UP!
In any case, congrats.

Way ahead of ya…

I’m sure it will, just a matter of time. Hopefully you haven’t been waiting years already.

I am fortunate in that since I am home based, my expenses are minimal. I have passed up several great locations because I just could not bring myself to spend another $600 or so a month yet.