It's possible that Spring is finally coming

Yesterday I looked up and saw thousands of Canada Geese heading North. I think, I hope, that is, well, this MAY mean that SPRING IS COMING. Of course, it was snowing in the foothills just yesterday, but still, it’s a sign. I’m sure of it.

What about the rest of you? Any hopeful signs that Winter is ending yet?

Those geese have arrived and are sitting on the ice of Lake Wascana in front of the provincial legislature. That’s always a sure sign of spring, when you hear them honking to each.

I always tell the Cub that they’re saying to each other: “How was your flight? Good! How was your flight? Good!”

He’s starting not to believe me. :wink:

The dozens of Canada geese that live at a retaining pond in a local industrial park started nesting over the last week; they will be enormous, aggressive jerks to any passersby. Jerk geese are a sure harbinger of spring.

We had fresh snow fall today where I’m at.

Things in the Bay Area have gotten more Spring-y over the last couple of weeks. The hills have greened up considerably, there is actually water in the creeks, and the wildflowers are popping up all over. It’s a great time to go for a Sunday drive on a back road or go for a hike to enjoy the all-too-short burst of springtime in our water-challenged state.

Canada geese have not left the Chicago area for many years. I recall the halcyon days when they were recovering from near-extinction and wonder if we will ever return to a time when we ran outside to watch a Vee formation of those bastards overhead so far we could hardly see them. But Trilby, my collie, loved them and they her. She’d herd them back into the park and lay down to keep watch over them (she didn’t have sheep of her own and had to make do). They in turn knew they were safe enough to take naps.

We’ve had a cold snap here in S.Arkansas. But, spring is back on. My garden is growing again. The greens are at least 3 inches tall. Flowers everywhere. So are allergens. (Achoo)

Lots of geese and ducks flying North here, and robins have come back. On the other hand, it has snowed or ice rained every day this week so far.

We’ve gone past Promise of Spring and Second Winter, had False Spring last week, and are currently in Third Winter with signs of Real Spring possibly sometime soon.

Our local Canada geese population is still here, crapping promiscuously and occasionally getting wiped out by cars (they can’t seem to learn how to cross at the light).

One possible sign of spring - the snow (we had snow showers yesterday morning) isn’t sticking for long, and I’ll need to vent the coldframe today (forecast highs in the 50s).

We had one of the warmest Februaries I can remember in NorCal, and then it got cold and rainy in March. Seemed like it would never end. And then last week it got cold as winter again. Granted, that’s “California winter”, but still-- this is mid-April! The forecast for this weekend is upper 70s to low 80s. :slight_smile:

On Wednesday we had our first Hummingbird.

Winter storm warning for the central Colorado Mountains. 8-14"s of snow with up to 18"s in some areas.


This past weekend we received 12" of new snow!! Yesterday was close to 60 degrees! I live in the land of extremes. Most lakes are still frozen over. Some lakes north of here have 4 FEET of ice still on them. Our fishing opener is May 5th…good luck. There is a pond close to my house that is still frozen over and snow covered. The other day there was a poor Canada goose (he must have been the scout goose) walking across the pond very slowly and looking from side to side as he walked. I could almost hear him say, “WTF - where’s the water? It’s April!”

But I think the spell (curse) has been broken. The forecast is for upper 50’s - low 60’s for the next week…and hopefully warmer after that. I hear birds singing now in the morning. Speaking of which it is now light out at 6 am - hallelujah!!

A sure sign of spring I saw this morning - I walk the dogs on a trail from 6 -7 in the morning. This morning was 33 degrees. As I was driving home I spotted a guy walking his dog down the road - he was wearing…shorts!! :rolleyes:

Spring is well underway here just a bit south of you, Sunny Daze.

Signs I’ve seen, in addition to the geese on the wing as you note, are that my fruit trees are in bloom, the daffodils have come and gone, grass is growing fast in the pasture, I can start harvesting rhubarb about anytime now, the maple trees are leafing out and the mated pair of Bufflehead ducks are back on my pond to hatch and raise new ducklings.

I’ll be doing the second lawn mowing this weekend. Definitely spring!

I am so jealous :frowning:

It was below freezing here this morning, the ground is frozen and I still have patches of snow on the ground. No spring for a couple of weeks.

Here in New England we had nicer weather in February than we are having in April. We are still wearing winter jackets and boots and freezing our collective asses off.

A few weeks ago, we did see some Canadian geese flying north and thought they must know spring weather is coming. There were some small signs of spring - a few crocuses, some hyacinth and daffodils starting to peak through the dirt. Then it snowed a few days later and we’ve since had ice/snow and freezing/below freezing temps.

The other day, it was cloud covered and we could hear the geese again, but couldn’t see them. I looked at my SO and said, “They’re probably flying back south…” I’m ready to join them right about now.

Well, I heard an ice cream truck a week ago (one of two days that we had decent weather all spring). And today was a little warmer than the forecast anticipated, though still colder than 20 April should be.

Snowed like a Bastard on Thursday, and I went skiing today.

Went straight from winter to summer. Spring will come sometime in July, I suspect.

How much longer do you think you must wait till your spring arrives? I do hope it is soon.