It's Prehistoric Creature Day again!

It’s another Friday 13th, so it’s time to celebrate with your prehistoric creatures; take them out for a treat!

Here’s yams!! original post about it…

And here’s a random picture from a previous PCD!

Dammit, I forgot to find myself a prehistoric creature to have lunch with.

Maybe I have time to make an origami dinosaur…

I got a tiny Dave minion and little fluffy unicorn from Despicable Me when we were at Universal Studios this spring, they sit by my bed and I had lunch in bed today, does this count?

Do you HAVE to take them out? I’m perfectly willing to share dinner with Princess Stegosaur, but we’ve been a little tight on cash lately.

So far I have not taken out any prehistoric creatures – but I did serve yams!!

I took mine out the first two times this year (sushi, then curry). Tonight, we are enjoying some cold beers on a hot night at home.

That’s just…awesome. Thanks for reposting it. And thanks to yams!! for the original post.
I’ll have to see about getting a prehistoric creature to celebrate with before the next Friday the 13th!

My youngest son’s lovey, a little stuffed red dinosaur that goes by the name of “Uh-oh” enjoyed a relaxing day playing downstairs with all the kids. Usually he is confined to my son’s crib so that he doesn’t get lost. (Youngest Bellum can’t sleep without his beloved Uh-oh.)

We didn’t take him out, but he did get to sit at the head of the table at dinnertime. He seemed pleased.

Me and Princess Stegosaur had a nice cup of tea.

Sometimes a nice cup of tea is just what you want! i think it’s plenty to say that you’re celebrated PCD!
Our stegosaur enjoyed it too!

Don’t think there’s another Prehistoric Creatures Day until Sept 2013! :frowning:

Today in Costco, I saw a family that must not have celebrated the holiday. There were two little plush dinos rampaging throughout the store, running in circles around a particular woman and her cart, with two young children absolutely hot on their heels after them. The children were shrieking and loudly narrating the rampaging each dino was doing. I think the woman must have been numb to it after a period of prolonged destruction.

So, heed this warning - celebrate the holiday with your dinos or risk their wrath; I’ve seen it in person! :eek:



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