It's snowing and my Christmas lights just turned themselves on

We’ve been having a nice gentle transition from winter to spring. Temps above 0, but not too much, so the snow has just been quietly disappearing, moderate run-offs into the storm sewers. A bit of pumping of low spots required in my backyard.

Until tonight. Couldn’t sleep, so got out and looked out the window.

It’s snowing. Nice, fluffy snow, suitable for Christmas cards and the beginning scenes of “home for Christmas” movies.

And my Christmas lights have turned themselves back on.

I have a garland of fake greenery with lights, which we hang up on our outdoor entrance. It stopped working a couple of months ago for some reason, so I just left it plugged in, and was going to take it down this weekend, now that it’s spring.

But they are not going gentle into that good night. They’ve come back on, all by themselves, perhaps re-invigorated by the fluffy snow.

Is it Groundhog Day-Christmas from now on? :confused:

That is no way to mark the first day of spring! The time continuum has been disrupted!

One of my favourite memories of winter, real winter, is all the Christmas lights twinkling through softly falling snow, and the hush and beauty of it all.

But I don’t think I’d like to see that sight on March 20!