My timing was juuuuust right this fall....

I got my Christmas lights up on a beautiful 15 C day, and now the snow has arrived in earnest!

I bought some new strands of icicle lights a couple of weeks ago. Checked the forecast, and Sunday was predicted for at least 15 C. And sure enough, it was - a beautiful day borrowed from early September.

Up on the porch roof, put up the lights on the eaves of the porch and the second story, while Mrs Piper lay on the grass in the sun.

And also as predicted, the snow came the middle of this week - a thick, wet snow, about 4 inches - I’m definitely not going back up on the porch roof until the spring.

And the lights looks great in the evening, as we drive up, casting a welcome gleam on the snow.

You turn those lights off right now Mister! :mad: It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Good on you getting them up before the weather turns shitty.

We already had Thanksgiving. And Halloween. There’s nothing to stop us from sliding downhill towards the Big Holiday now.

There’s four inches of snow on the ground, snow on the spruce trees on the boulevard, and it’s dark at 5 pm - the lights stay on to welcome us home! :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, as Sunspace commented, Thanksgiving was over a month ago - the next holiday up is Christmas!

We did the same, but we’re not turning our lights on yet. We’re holding out until at least December.

I finally got around to closing my pool last weekend.

Yeah, I was late by about 2 months.

Heck, I was invited to play golf last weekend. Circumstances intervened, and I couldn’t make it, but the others in our planned foursome went. Still, it would have been amazing to say that I was playing golf, in November, in Canada.

You did notice the units he used for temperature? Thanksgiving has been over for about a month. :smiley:

You should audition for the Tim Horton’s ads!

We should all audition - “Tim Horton’s - the official coffee of the Straight Dope Message Boards!”

I make it a rule to hold off on Christmas decorating until at least the first of December, but we only have indoor things to do, so there are no roof climbing/weather safety issues involved. I’m already really excited for Christmas, though, and I actually just bought an awesome dress for whatever Christmas parties I might make it to! Also, this year my sister is getting married just after Christmas, so there is extra excitement, and we are having fun planning her winter-themed wedding.

No snow on the ground here yet, though; in fact it was a rather warm day today.

How far is that from Toronto?

2000 km as the Canada Goose flies, according to this Distance Calculator:

I’m in Thunder Bay, Ontario, about halfway between Toronto and Regina, where I missed on my snow prediction by a couple of days. I was figuring on the first dump of snow being on the 15th, but it arrived yesterday on the 13th, leaving me having to brush off about five cm of snow to finish replacing the floor and sides of my trailer, which I had removed and burned yesterday as an offering to the snow gods. The up side of it is that the sacrifice worked, for I made first tracks last night at 8:30, and will be skiing again today.

Ah. Earnest, SK. Gotcha. :wink:

It’s between Esterhazy and Mozart…

We put our lights out today, but they won’t go on until after Thanksgiving. It was a reasonably nice day and I don’t know how many more we will have.

Got my snow tyres on yesterday, it’s snowing this morning!!

Jim’s booked in to get his snow tires next Monday - we’re supposed to have snow all this week. Dammit! It’s not like we didn’t know this was coming!

Put mine on last Monday, just before the rain turned into snow. Quite glad I did, as the regular tires are no great shakes in winter while the Nokians are some sort of magic on ice.