It's snowing. In England. In October.

Yup, it’s October 28, and enough snow has fallen across (admittedly small areas of) southern England to cause several football matches to be called off. This being England, “enough” is about an inch, but still. October? It’s only just over six months since we had some equally unseasonable snow, back in April. Why can we get snow at either end of the winter, when it has no chance of lasting more than an hour or two, but never in January when we might be able to enjoy it?

I haven’t seen any substantial snow here in about 8 years. I miss it.

I’ve not seen snow in October down here for very many years. It really shows off the light pollution: it’s actually quite light outside with all the light from the airport and houses reflecting off everything.

It snowed in parts of NSW last week too.

No snow in London, but then when is there ever?

It snowed about an inch in the Princeton area in Jersey today as well :).

Equally rare. I don’t remember the last time I saw October snow in New Jersey.

I grew up on the PA/Jersey border up near Easton. I do remember one Halloween that I went trick-or-treating in the snow. I was quite young, so it is at least 40 years ago.

It’s snowed out here in October. The earliest, I think, was the 8th. Though there was also a storm on the 12th in 1987 which killed two homeless people who weren’t prepared for such an early storm and weren’t dressed to survive it.

We had a short snow fall on October 27 when it was 47F out.

At last, proof, that AGW is a myth. :slight_smile:

There’d evidently been some sort of snap heavy blizzard in north London just after six this evening, since I was surprised to find the place was awash with slush when I got out the Tube station on the way home. We’ve since had a couple of hours of snow. Obviously not surviving long at street level, but there’s the best part of a centimetre on the balcony outside as I type.

Actually, the real myth is that AGW will result in uniformly higher temps all over. While the average global temperature rises, some parts can expect colder-than-usual temps–in some case, MUCH colder than usual;.

yea i heard this year snow was expected to be more than usual in many places

Well I just got home and am still thawing out. When I left the office in London it was sleeting, and there was half an inch of slush from an earlier hail/sleet downpour. Then I got the train out to Hampshire and the sleet turned progressively to snow until by the time I arrived at my stop it was proper flakes and starting to settle on the roads, with a good inch of snow lying on the grass. Did I mention I was cycling? The partially melted slush on the roads ensured my feet and trousers were soaked immediately.

Still, I love snow. Here’s the scene in my back garden now (yep, I still hadn’t put the barbecue grill away - that’s how quick winter seems to have arrived!)

Umm, how do you take in that brick bbq? Man, you Brits are curious types. Over here we bbq all year round no matter what the weather. :cool:

Clearly we live in different Londons. It was sleeting when I got on the tube at about 7, and at about 9 my flatmate squeaked for me to come look, it’s snowing! Admittedly it was wet slushy snow that sometimes turned back into rain before it hit the ground, but it was snow, dammit!

Well London is pretty big, I live in SW London near Wimbledon which could be a good distance from you.

We had crazy hail stones at about 5.30 where I am - which is what, 2 miles from you, tops? - but no snow. Weird.

Yeah, I had the hail. While cycling home. Having to choose between actually seeing oncoming cars and keeping your eyes from being shredded is not a lot of fun. So I had a no choice - none - but to stop at the pub for shelter.

Damn you, weather!

Want snow.