It's Springtime and Love is in the Air (It makes me sneeze)

Yes, Love is in the air. Specifically, plant love.
After all, what is pollen, really, if not a plant’s expression of love? Mostly a love of reproduction. There’s a freaking orgy going on out there today. And every time you take a breath, you’re getting some of the action.
That’s right, you are breathing in Tree Sperm!!! :eek:
The horny buggers are spraying it all over the place. There’s a greenish-yellow tinge on every surface in the area.

According to this site the pollen count here in the Dallas area is 11.1, with 8-12 being considered high. We must have some really horny vegetation in these parts.

I’m fortunate in that I’m not terribly allergic to most pollen. A little sniffle or a sneeze or two is about all I get on most days.

So, how’s the plant jism count in your neck of the woods?

It’s 9.6 here. Lovely. You’d think the plants could abstain or something.

The pines are fornicating mightily here. It’s a regular orgy what with pine pollen all over everywhere! I know pine trees gotta love too but I do wish they’d be a bit more discrete about it.

It’s seemed bad in the last few years. The unrelenting pollen finally convinced Fierra to start years of allergy shots just a week ago, in fact. Who knows, I may follow.

Isn’t anyone just a little ooged out about breathing conifer cum or juniper jism[sub]band name[/sub]? I was sure I’d get at least a couple of “eeeeews”.

Seems to be a 9.4 in my neighborhood. I could tell it was getting bad when I had to take out my contacts last Wednesday. I can rub my eyes and itch them like mad, feels good in a bad sorta way. Can’t do any of that sort of thing with the contacts in.

Time for the Kenalog shot again. Happy spring. Joy joy.

Yup…Asthma is acting up and the eyes are itchy. Let the fun begin!