I Pit pollen (mild)

Specifically, oak pollen. Even if I weren’t allergic, it’s disgusting and it gets everywhere. Every morning and at the end of every workday, when I get in my car the windshield is spattered all over with little green powder-blobs of treejizz (and I don’t even park under a tree). Happens every year at this time.

If I’m ever Mayor of Tampa, I will find a way to have every oak tree in town pulled up by the roots and sold to a paper mill. (Why not, we’ll still have plenty of trees.)

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean all the trees aren’t trying to mate with you. Cut them all down …

A pollen grain is is actually more akin to a testicle than to jizz. Each grain contains several cells, only two of which form the sperm nuclei. I don’t know if that’s at all comforting, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

It is not, but it is somehow good to know.

I miss spring near my old high school. There was a field that had about a dozen or so large poplars on it. When the ground was covered in the pollen you could light it on fire. It made a giant ‘poomf’ with a quick bright flash and then it was all gone.