It's the Michael Jackson Pool

We’ve got an SDMB Dead Pool; how about a new pool?

Guess how long it will be before Micheal has his hand in a new kid’s Underoos.

Will he take it easy for a while and build his nerve back up? Will he think he is now invincible and charge right back in?

I’m thinking he’s gonna wuss out for a while, so I think he’ll probably be grabbing gonads around Christmas of this year.


He’s got his hands in some underroos right now.

Prove me wrong.

I win.

There was supposed to be a :slight_smile: at the of that post. Dunno where it went.

Was it in your Underoos by any chance?
:smiley: (Being a female mine was safe.)

If I’m not mistaking, the 13 year old brother of Frank Tyson (one of the unindicted co-conspirators) is staying at NAMBLAland Ranch right now and word is, he regularly sleeps with PedoPan.

Where are you getting all this? This, and that the accusers in the trial are in witness protection.

Well, he was threatening to leave the country if he was acquitted. Why doesn’t he just move to Guatemala, molest all the kids he wants, and just pay off the authorities to look the other way? You gotta start thinking outside the box, Michael—outside the box… :rolleyes:

Mostly from Court TV.

Well, this isn’t appropriate for MPSIMS, and it’s too much of a joke thread for the Pit, so I’m gonna have to say, say, say that it’s closed.

(Sorry, Clothahump. If you were actually venting, it’d be Pit-worthy.)

Since the OP mentioned how he wanted this thread to originally grow into a fine, upstanding Pit citizen (Pitizen?), I’m gonna re-open it and move it over there.

So, um… there. :slight_smile:

Only to be closed as soon as Giraffe notices it. :slight_smile:

People, people, people.

The man’s been found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

How’s that for a dubious distinction?

There aren’t 12 peers of Jackson in the entire world. They had to make do with normal people.

Guin, you have the strangest obsession with MJ…

That’s what I don’t understand. He needs to get away from his creditors, his career is in the toilet so he needs to reduce his cost of living, and he has this little pecker-dildo he’d just as soon not give up. The obvious choice is to move to a more, um, understanding country.

Guatemala would be a very very bad choice:

The Japanese tourist was killed on suspicion of kidnapping children (link)

MJ wouldn’t last a week in Guatemala.

Nuh-uh. I checked it out with him beforehand.


“Hello, this is Giraffe, Da Pit Mod. How can I help you?”

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“Say no more.”



And then we hung up.

That might be a sensible choice, if we assume he has ever sexually interfered with a child in the past or intends to in the future. So far, the preponderance of evidence suggests that his assertion that he just likes to have innocent sleepovers with juveniles is actually true. There’s no denying that that’s a freaking weird pastime for a grown man, but it ain’t agin’ the law.

I don’t think there is a more understanding country when it comes to that whole not-punishing-someone-for-something-they-didn’t-do thing.

As far as his creditors and career are concerned, if I had over 300 million in assets after my debts were cleared, I wouldn’t be wringing my hands too much about the cost of living or my ability to sell out a stadium show. Shit, even if you took away all his physical property except for a terry robe from the Holiday Inn and zeroed out his bank balance, his income from his catalogue would still make him unreasonably wealthy by any measurement. Maybe not Theme-Park-In-The-Backyard wealthy, but still hardly in a position to identify with Job.

You left out all the crying and the begging. That was the best part!

I didn’t want to tell anyone about Dex being there, damnit.