Michael Jackson Verdict Reached!!

It will be announced at 1:30 PST, 4:30 my time.

On tenterhooks over here…geez…

Guilty on all counts except maybe some of the conspiracy counts and the drinking (nobody seems to have seen MJ give the kids a drink himself). I hope it’s guilty on all counts. He needs help and punishment both.

vibrating with excitement

vibrating with indifference

Honestly, who the fuck even cares? And why, for God’s sake?

C’mon Dave. I have interests some folks would find pitifully boring and maybe you do too. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to see if anyone else shares them.

For those who follow Michael, today is an absolute milestone in his life. You and I might not care to participate, might not even wish him well, but I can sure understand how some will find this of interest.

The only thing that kinda pisses me off about this is that it’s all we’re going to hear about from a number of legitimate news sources for awhile. Still, everything, no matter how mundane, deserves a forum.

The only reason to care about his fate is really to see him try and squirm out of being in general population.

I’ll spend my time caring about the kids, and hoping the parents that let their kids stay overnight with that freak learn solme parenting skills.

I gotta go with dave on this one. To each his own, but my brain can’t seem to wrap around one good reason that anyone not directly involved (i.e., families of those he supposedly molested) should give the tiniest rat’s ass about this.

I understand that police have been instructed to be alert for possible suicide attempts by some of the masses gathered outside the courthouse should a Guilty verdict be returned. Seems to be that would be Darwin at its finest.

I predict it’ll be 3 p.m. PST before we get a ruling.

They decided quickly. Any lawyers want to speculate what that means?

I honestly have no comment. I mean, I thought I’d avidly follow the case because it got so much publicity. But all it got from me was a big “Meh!” I don’t even have an opinion on whether I think he did it or not.

Well, I finally got around to seeing the new STAR WARS last night and it got a big MEH from me, but I didn’t drop into all the threads crowding Cafe Society and say “Why would anybody want to see this dreck? It’s a silly space opera!”

So cut those of us who have been following the trial some slack right now, OK?

That said, I honestly have no idea why I’ve been so engrossed in this case. I was never a big MJ fan and haven’t seen a thing he’s done for twenty years or so.

My spidey sense says hung jury, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for conviction.

Because Michael Jackson was a hugely talented entertainer at one time in his life before he descended into ever-deepening levels of wierdness. Now, the last remaining point of interest about his life and/or career is whether his wierdness was entirely self-directed or whether he managed to screw up the lives of one or more young boys on his way to hitting rock bottom.

Honestly, who the fuck cares that you’re indifferent to the result? And why, for God’s sake, did you bother to open the thread in the first place?

:frowning: <feels like chopped liver>

I have paid as little attention as possible (which is damn little) to the trial. The only part I’m interested in is the verdict, and probably that only because of the weirdness of MJ these days. I remember, when I was a kid, and he was cool. It’s sad.

I don’t have a dependable radio at work, so I’m staying tuned to this thread and clicking refresh every couple of minutes. Thanks for starting it, Mehitabel.

Sorry, Mehitabel. I hate it when people feel the need to open a thread someone started about something they’re not interested in just to say they’re not interested or that it’s stupid to be interested in that thing. I should have added to my last post that I’m interested, and waiting anxiously for the results, too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing interest in this case, and you shouldn’t be made to feel embarrassed for doing so.

It’s not a good sign, however, that the media is intently covering his trip to the courthouse. Helicopters are shooting the caravan of limos as Jackson makes his way there.

I ask you, is his trip to the courthouse a news event in itself? Isn’t there something better they could be spending their money on?

I haven’t followed the trial, and know nothing more than the bare bones of the story. But I’m interested to see how it ends. Probably for the exact reasons whiterabbit mentioned.

I’m in the “Why the hell would you open a thread if you don’t care” party.

Anyway, this will be an interesting verdict. Does anyone predict riots? People in the fair city of LA tend to go a little crazy sometimes (“Whaaa! Our basketball team won? RIOT!” "Whaaa…our basketball team lost? RIOT!).

I’m hoping he is found not guilty. I’m not saying the man is innocent, but the case against him was weak at best. Then again, I thought they’d find Peterson not guilty, too (although we didn’t get all the details in that case).

New estimated time to read verdict of 4:45 EDT.

Well, it is Los Angeles, you know. Must not be any high-speed chases to cover. :wink: