Jury Ready to Deliver Jackson Verdict - Predictions

I am currently “in-between-jobs”…no really, I have another job but it doesn’t start until the 20th. So, I am doing the lazy housewife thing and eating bon bons and watching TV (sorry if the stereotype offends, picture an Irish guy in his boxers eating flakes and considering what Oprah said this morning on her show).

Anyways, thought I would give my prediction on the verdict.

Not-Guilty on all counts.

I think Jackson is a text-book molester but this is a weak case (resulting from the documentary) and should not result in a conviction.


I predict three threads each in Cafe Society, MPSIMS, the Pit, and GD by the end of the day.

I predict the media will latch on to another meaningless story within the month to distract us from the real news.

Café, MPSIMS, and IMHO already have one thread each.

Not any more.

Please visit us soon in MPSIMS or IMHO!