Predict Jackson's Guilt or Acquittal in Molestation Case


I’m not on the jury.
I do not have enough good info to make the call.

However, there does not seem to be any actual physical evidence of assault, & the conduct of the alleged victim’s family is at least as strange as Jackson’s.

Acquitted on all felonies. Maybe a misdemeanor charge for providing alcohol to a minor.

Apparently there are are ten charges of varying severity under consideration, so it would be hard to make a blanket ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ on all of them. On the child molestation charge, I haven’t followed the case that closely but from what I’ve read so far it doesn’t appear the prosecution has made its case. One or more of the lesser charges may stick. So, er, acquitted, mostly.

I have to go with Juggernaut. He’ll pay some sort of price, likely a fine, for a lesser charge or two…but he won’t spend a day behind a locked door.

Bingo. That’s my call as well.

My vote: acquitted. Not because I think he’s innocent per se, but because they didn’t prove it. And if Jackson is guilty of child molestation, then the mother is guilty of prostituting her child for money. Whatever punishment he gets, she should get.

Can we just make a public service announcement that if any non-familial adult, celebrity or not, wants to have a sleepover with your child, you should say no? I don’t care if Jackson slept with children out of innocent “love” or some sick perversion, you only need to look at him to know that he’s not wired right. The adults who allowed him 24/7 access to their children should be taken out and horsewhipped on the public square.

I’m afraid you all are right. He’ll get off with a slap on his limp wrist and go right on molesting little boys. The fact alone that the freak admitted that he likes to share his bed with young boys is enough to make me believe he is a pedophile. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough to put him in a dungeon where he belongs. I’m glad I’m not on the jury. Not that I could have been. The urge to purge my breakfast every time I looked at that ghastly face would have given me away as not impartial. I would have hanged the s.o.b. on the first day. It comes down to whether the jury believes the accuser or not. I hope they do, but I’m not at all confident that they will.

It’s easy enough to understand the public fascination with freaks. Barnum got rich on it. But I will never understand the public adoration for or even acceptance of pond scum as some kind of national hero. Surely there are better people to admire. You can see why I couldn’t be on the jury.

That’s my vote as well. The whole trial was so confusing and weird, there’s no way they won’t have reasonable doubt.

I’ve not been following the case closely, but have read enough to talk about it at work and I expect him to be acquitted: the prosecution just haven’t proved their case beyond reasonable doubt. I was somewhat surprised that the whole case hasn’t been thrown out anyway - but US law is different from British law.

And then there’ll be a new MJ tour - he’ll need the money - which will excite a lot of people.

Gee, DesertGeezer, no need to be so reserved, tell us how you *really * feel :wink:

I’m a Court TV junkie so I’ve followed pretty closely. A couple of things stand out for me, the resemblance of all the victims. Also the prior evidence of previous victims bought in, one of who testified and cried on the stand. For that reason I think he might get found guilty of Molestation, but Acquitted on Consiracy charges.

I won’t be surprised if he’s acquitted on all charges though. Juires in trials of celebrities seem to be picked for maximum gullibilty.

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!*
*Sorry, I’m still in Watergate mode.

At least a little bit guilty of something.

Sentenced to spend a small amount of time in a maximum-security exotic resort. Released early because it’s bad for his skin.

Also sentenced to do a boatload of PSA time, said time being roundly mocked and ridiculed by all the people who, although they think he’s mostly unconvictable, also think he’s mostly guilty.

And he’ll be acquitted.

I fear if he’s found guilty his attorney will tie it up in appeals and he’ll never spend another night in jail.

I think he’s guilty. I won’t be surprised, however, if the jury acquits.

I was a little over the top for this forum, wasn’t I. Guess I kinda wear my heart on my sleeve. Sorry if I upset anyone.

The very, very sad thing about it is even if he is acquitted, by the time he gets home there’s going to be a line of people waiting to drop their kids off there for the weekend.

It’s these people that need to be found guilty of child abuse.

This is my vote, too. I’d convict him on the misdemeanor alcohol charge, but I’d have to acquit him on the felony charges. There’s definitely resonable doubt.

I’m pretty sure he did SOMETHING- I just don’t believe the prosecution were able to prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

And I’m not buying all the defence’s character assassination of the victim’s family. If I was choosing a victim I’d make damn sure they were from the kind of background that didn’t look great in court. Unless I’m seriously mistaken, being emotionally unstable and broke doesn’t mean your children are immune from abuse…it just means they’re less likely to be believed.
What I don’t understand is the fact that Michael Jackson has this huge entourage and family who are not only prepared to support him, but actually enable him. Surely if someone really cared about him they’d see he had some help. it might be tough love, but at least it’s love…the fact that no-one is prepared to do that for him shows how truly alone he is.