It's time for all of you to Shine

Listen, The Straight Dope has some of the brightest minds out there. A lot of you think you’re ordinary, but you’re not. The people who have been running this world up until now are the ordinary ones, and their world view also happens to be based on lies. Whatever.

Obama is elected, history is made, America has another chance. And so do you.

If you’ve been waiting for your moment before you do something good in this world, now might be a good time. There is something to be said for momentum, and the pendulum is starting its swing in a new direction.

Go make this world a better place for everybody in whatever way you can.

Do I still get to have nachos?

Sure, but they better be the best damn nachos ever. None of that cheez whiz crap, mister! You get out the beans and steak and olives and jalapenos and sour cream and melt some real queso on those tortilla chips! Can we make a better nacho together? Yes, We CAN*! (Kill ourselves via cardiovascular disease, that is.)

*In other news, my daughter asked me this morning if Bob the Builder is President now. sniff makes ya proud, it does.

Um, sounds like a lit of work… It’s gotta be better, you say, not just different? I’ll give that some thought – maybe I can figure out one of those butterfly wing flap things.

You might even say it’s time for a new beginning.

Yeah, Obama didn’t say “improvement,” he just said “change.” No need to get all crazy on us here, New Beginning.

That said, **WhyNot **has inspired me to oversee the production of a superyummy nacho approach.

I’m not following Obama and neither am I betting on him. I’m just seeing an opportunity and ceasing it. It’s my suggestion that you all do the same.

He may say change, but I say progress. There are better times ahead. Nachos included.

It’ll go better if you’re seizing the opportunity.

Well up until now I’ve been torturing clowns and various small animals in my basement.

But you’re right. Obama’s election is clearly the moment I’ve been waiting for. I think the time has come for me to stop torturing clowns and small animals.

But mimes are still fair game, yes?

I made the world a better place today by leaving work at 1pm. Maybe I’ll keep up the good work tomorrow! (We’ve got about 2 feet of fresh snow here.)

mmm… nachos… it’s been soooo long…

band name!

I totally stole that name!

Thanks, Inigo.


choking on coffee
Damn, I won’t be to a computer that can get youtube for 2 more weeks! Glad to be of service.

Tell her no. Bob the Builder is an imaginary character that only exists in the make-believe world of TV. But if she really believes, he will be real in her heart.

Come to think of it, maybe Bob the Builder really is President.

Now more than ever the world needs clown torture! Those guys are EVIL!