The next US President

Speaking as an Englishman I really couldn’t give a shit who wins the election.***

What does depress me is the fact that as soon as whoever is in office makes even the slightest error of judgement then this message board will be once again subject to the boring events of American politics.:(:mad:

Furthermore: Americans have a long history of …

First of all welcoming the new president

Then turning on him like a pack of wolves.

With a few exceptions this has been the case down the years and I see no reason for it to change.

***Kindly note that this is my opinion and does not reflect the views of all Britons

Speaking as a semi-average American, I think it will be unlikely that whichever candidate wins can survive more than one term. I think the damage that exists is far too great for anyone to fix it in 4 years and the fact that they don’t fix it will be held against them in the next election.

I agree with your sentiment, but I doubt that behavior is strictly an American phenomenon.

Everybody in France was quite full of how great & game-changing Sarkozy was going to be, until he tried to change something & the folks on the short end of that stick went berserk, and found the backing of a lot of other folks who suddenly noticed that “change” might be uncomfortable.

I don’t recall the Tories being overjoyed with Tony Blair’s first 6 months, other than setting free the Bank of England. They lost no time in carping about all & sundry, as did the left wing of Labour.


So fuck off to some limey board.

Just kidding. It’s tiresome for quite a bit of Americans, too. I’ve proposed that a add-on be installed on the board that allows people to, among other things, not even see threads with certain text in the titles. I described it here:

but never got any response from admin or mods, but considering the whole chapter 11 thing that’s not surprising.

Kidding or not I see no reason for your remarks and take exception to them.

If I wanted to go to any other board I’d do just that, as it is I paid my m/ship and intend to stay on this Yank board

I think it’s going to be worse that usual this time. Assuming the likely outcome of an Obama victory, there are people who are expecting almost literal miracles from the man. They’re going to be sharply disappointed when they realize he’s just a mortal politician.

Please do stay but you sure as hell have no business wanking about the fact that we discuss Yank politics on a Yank board.

As a paid up member I have every right to discuss Yank politics on a Yank board.

Matter of fact I have the right to discuss whatever I feel like provided I do not go against forum guidelines/rules

Bush has created a shit storm that will be impossible to clean up. The economy is a mess. The never ending war still goes on. The mortgage crisis is destroying us. People are afraid. I do not think anyone can fix it quickly or maybe at all. Our national debt is at enormous levels and they are planning on a tax cut. It will get worse before it gets better.

To your Op - If Obama does indeed win, there will be quite a few righty-conservative-idiots who may turn on him. But for the majority of us we will be very happy to have a new face, a new look, a person who can string a sentence together, young children playing on the white house lawn again, a stunning first lady who will actually enjoy her position with humility honor and best of all - a man who is not a miracle worker as president, but a man who can and will change the culture of American politics simply by sitting in the oval office. I’m not expecting miracles, I just can’t wait to see what he can do.

I’m with Chowder.

We Canucks went through an election from start to finish in 3 months and it ate up about 3 threads.

I’ve had it up to the eyeballs with this US election. Nothing will be solved in the next four years. In 2 more years the whole process will begin again, and your country will still be running HUGE deficits, there will be no universal health care, you’ll still be in Iraq, and you’ll still be complaining about everything.

Yes you do…and so do we, including how utterly ridiculous it is to complain about US politics being discussed on a US board during and after a major election.

Clinton started the shit storm.

Perhaps I missed something here.

Does the fact that this is a US board mean that us furriners are ridiculous to complain about the endless, boring, mundane claptrap that passes for American politics?

God give me strength

What’s ridiculous is to expect us not to spend a lot of time discussing it. What’s more ridiculous is that I’m wasting my time explaining the obvious when I need to get work done but that’s entirely my own fault.

Discussing it? Don’t make me laugh

Jesus, you’ve been rabbiting on about the various merits (or not) of all the bloody candidates for yonks.

GD is practically taken over with the whys and wherefores of Obama/McCain and anyone else involved.

A kindred spirit I see.

At least it isn’t just me then who has had it up to here with US politics

I’m tired of it too. The only real meaningful political thread in a month was the UHC one, and even that got exasperating quick. Hopefully it won’t be as bad until…3 years from now Mods, why can’t we have a political subforum PLEASE??? :innocent eyes:

Moving thread from IMHO to The BBQ Pit.

I’m so glad it’s almost over…the barrage of inanity that passes for political advertising is almost too much to bear.