Foreign dopers: can you stand these boards right now?

Here are the front page threads regarding the election. This is just what’s occurring right now. Multiply it by the number of weeks in this election cycle and you come up with…my god, the number broke my calculator. Look, I’m as much of a political junkie as just about anyone but…how can you stand it? Why do you care? What are you all still doing here?

General Questions:

McCain’s health/physical condition
Carter’s Little Liver Pills
IS Obama a natural born US citizen?
Details of McCain’s “HOME” plan?
Do Republican campaign signs get stolen too?
Do Presidential candidates have to prove they are natural born citizens?
Voter Registration Outside US

Great Debates:

Pailin worse than Quayle?
ACORN submits fraudulent voter registrations en masse
Very seriously: why would anyone vote for McCain?
Why were Bush Sr. and Jr. such different presidents?
McCain loses. Who’s next?
It’s the official last Presidential Debate thread!
McCain: The Last Ten Days- Are they bluffing or planning?
I smell the smelly smell of desperation: Obama not a citizen.
Republican Party heading into the wilderness to re-focus- What needs to happen?
Is George Soros making Billions Out of this Stock market Crash?
John McCain wants to spread the wealth around
If the US government model is so great why haven’t more democracies adopted it?
McCain does want to overturn Roe V Wade
McCain not as forked as the McCain Forked thread, but still forked
Why such a shortage of Obama campaign materials?
What happend to one man one vote?
Independents and Conservatives: Obama rated most liberal Senator…Do you care?
Why couldnt a muslim become President?
McCain hires Saddam Hussein’s corrupt lobbyist as his transition chief.
People shouting “Kill Obama!” at McCain/Palin rallies: where’s the Secret Service?
What is the evidence that McCain and Palin are racists?
Amazing Statistics On Voter Registration: Now, Will They All Actually Vote?
Obama speaks for the middle class – but who speaks for the lower?
Mechanism of a McCain/Palin Victory?
10/15 debate night…
Another unpleasant Obama association
What elected official most turned out to be a “Trojan Horse”?

Cafe Society:

Best and Worst Political Songs
Who watched the Frontline documentary on McCain and Obama?
Your campaign song-what would it be?

The Game Room:

Debate Bingo!


Obama absolutely beating the snot out of McCain in early voting
Obamanauts: share suggestions on what to do to help our side
Sarah Palin - too sexy for national office?
Is Mccain wearing an Edgar suit?
What was McCain writing?
Ya Vote Yet?
Would you be nervous if the President were personally, royally pissed off with you?


I just received my absentee ballot!!
Obama’s locked up the zombie vote
106 Year Old Nun Registers To Vote

The BBQ Pit:

I don’t care how Obama says the Pledge of Allegiance!! Or if he says it!!
The New Conservative Cultural Policy
What about the freaking Electoral Vote
Fuck you Sacramento GOP
Does “Joe The Plumber” have a PAC?
What does the acronym ACORN stand for?
“I approve this message.”
John Cleese Says Sarah Palin’s a Parrot!
Gubernatorial?? That sounds dumbass. Why not Governortorial?
Hey you idiot third party voters!
Pitting My Wife (We vote today)
Political sign stealing pricks
The newest ‘Obama is a secret Muslim’ glurge
Cindy McCain
HRC stumping for…HRC
Lies, damn lies and urban legends - I pit left and right (but mostly right)
Lose your house, lose your vote: Pubs using foreclosure list to block voters
In searching for this, I found a total of three Canadian political threads. Hey, threadhogs! Go get your own Cannukian board! You’re taking up all the room here.

I simply don’t click on the political threads. I can’t stand them.

I was actually more annoyed by the anti-Canadian condescension on The Daily Show the other day.

I’m an American, but I’m so sick of the impending election that I no longer like watching the news on TV or reading newspapers, and I thought I was a political junkie. I only clicked on this to note that it isn’t just non-US citizens annoyed, and that technically you’ve added to the flurry of political threads since I’m sure I’ve seen this topic previously in the Pit. :wink:

I do have to add one nitpick:

This isn’t a political thread. Really.

What she said.

You need a much broader brush. Plenty of us, over here, are completely fucking sick of it as well.

IST- USian.

It’s pretty damned annoying.

I used to get a good couple of hours reading out of the board, but after skipping through to all the non-political threads, it seems like there’s just a lot less actual content to read.

And then there’s the threads that are actually political, but don’t have political-sounding titles. You click, thinking “Oh yeah, something new on discussion”. No. It’s just someone being pitted for supporting a different party to someone else, or a re-hash of what one of the politicians said last night on the debate.

But what can you do about it? It’d be nice if we did have the politics-only forum so I could ignore them all in one fell swoop. Even if it meant the main boards were a little quieter, at least other topics wouldn’t be constantly being pushed off the front page by them.

What US American politics? I don’t even see it anymore.

(Anti-Canadian condescension? Link, please?)

Amusement. Americans are cute when they talk about politics; it’s as if they invented it and no-one else has ever had it. It’s like having your six year old come home from school and tell you with excited solemnity about the difference between reptiles and amphibians: “And did you know that Republicans have to keep their skins wet or they’ll dry out but Democrats can live in the desert? Didja?”

The sad thing is it’s not going to end after the election either.

Well I´m 2/3 foreign so I´ll throw in my 2 cents. Actually make it one cent:


Those skits make all this political non-sense so much more bearable.

I just want it to be OVER. I’ll vote, but i am SICK OF IT ALL.

I think we should start an award for the most asinine thread. The one about McCain shooting Obama and the one already talking about 2012 would be strong contenders.

Eh, it’s an American board, they’re entitled to it. And actually, the US presidential race can make for excellent spectator sport. This has been a pretty good vintage IMO, with charismatic and/or comical candidates on both sides.

But a lot of those threads, you do wonder why you bothered to open them sometimes, because they often degenerate into the usual suspects slinging mud at each other.

That is what irritates me the most. You’ll open a promising-looking thread, and this is what you get:

If the thread denigrates one party or one candidate, instead of discussing whether the denigration has merit, there will be invariably someone who says BUT THE OTHER PARTY DID IT FIRST/WORSE/BETTER.

There’s always some stooge who pretends over and over not to get the most blindingly obvious. You can provide 47 cites and a youtube video and instead of trying to explain they still deny it ever happened.

The same two to x amount of people will start the same old bitter hash.

What they said.

Hopefully, things will get more varied come next summer :wink:

It’s at under “Canuck the Vote”. Definitely a mediocre TDS effort.

I’m an American and I can’t stand any of it either. It’s the same bullshit over and over, no one is going to change anyone’s mind and frankly it’s just boring.

That’s cute. Red quoting two reds.


how can you stand these boards right now?

Everybody knows it’s an American board, and everybody knows Americans are the most self centered people on earth – if you have problems with that as a “foreigner”, you don’t sign up.

Oh, and American politics are rather interesting right now.