It's too hot when...

ITHW you get into the car in the middle of the day, and see that the clock and thermometer read exactly the same. :eek:

ITHW “relative humidity” is defined as the sweat trickling down your sister’s butt crack.

I went out this afternoon in the 100 degree blast-furnace with my Camelbak MULE, full 100 Oz bladder, with a full tray of ice cubes in the bladder, I was only out for about an hour, and when i got back inside, i checked the 'Bak, and it was half empty, in one hour, I had consumed 50 Oz of water, and still felt dehydrated…

it’s too frakkin’ hot…

It’s too hot when…

The TV melts. Oh, wait, that’s just the uh, nevermind.

Far out.

It’s too hot when…

…the humidity in your immediate vicinity is caused by your own evaporated sweat.

…you squish when you walk – and it’s not coming from your shoes.

…you find yourself eating fried ice cream, though that isn’t what you bought.

…your iced tea begins to steep.

…you can’t run without leaving skidmarks.

…crossing the street involves wading through the asphalt.

…between the supermarket and home, dinner has made itself.

…the cows in the field have grill marks on them.

…your sunburn begins to glow.

…the only fan that is sufficiently capable of cooling you off is made by Boeing.

I am really starting to get freaked out by the fresh footprints on the paved-long-ago-but-softening-up-thanks-to-Mr.-Sun streets.

I was outside for a few minutes with a snickers bar in my shirt pocket. I forgot about it and the next thing I knew, I had a pocket full of nougat.

It’s too hot when you prefer Jaisalmer’s weather.

It’s too hot when you’d rather stick your head in the freezer than go outside.

It was so hot today my deodorant went from Sure to Undecided.

A work colleague and friend arrived here last Thursday from India. She complained that it was too hot. So, ITHW your Indian friend complains about the heat.

I don’t know what y’all are talking about. The highs in Phoenix lately have been around 113-114 (F., that is), yet the TV weather people just refer to it as “warm.”

Only when it gets over 120 F is it classified as “hot.”

Which may not be far off.

Yeah, but it’s a dry heat, as they keep saying, but so is an oven! :smiley:

It’s too hot when the very idea of sex is unappealing.

My Right Guard turned left…
My Soft n Dry is hard n wet…

When you get to work at 6:30 am and it’s already 81 degrees.

hehehe…that’s why man invented air conditioning.

ITHW my sunscreen boils.

My Arrid isn’t
My Tom’s of Maine is now Tom’s of Miami

…my ice cream melts and my patty melt boils.
… the pool water is warmer than body temperature*
*actually happened to my folks, in Dallas, in the summer of 1998.

That is precisely why man invented air conditioning!

when you start making guacamole like this guy