It's Xmas day and.....I superglued myself to the kitchen timer.

Inevitably. The magnet came off the back and, well, you can guess the rest.

I did get the timer off me (or me off the timer, depending whose side you’re on) but in the process I glued kitchen towel all over my fingers, much of which is still there. But at no point did I glue the timer to the fridge. So overall, a narrow victory.

Jolly Solstice!


Acetone, or nail polish remover is your friend.

Yep. I never buy superglue without a bottle fingernail polish remover.

and just like that, a new Christmas Tradition is born :smiley:

A model-building friend of mine spilled an entire bottle of superglue onto his crotch. As the glue cures, it gives off quite a bit of heat, and he had quite a “thrilling” time. Makes a great story, though.

How long did it take?

Kelso? Did you glue yourself to the refrigerator?




This is why I have a deep, passionate affair (mostly platonic) with 5 minute epoxy. I have time to remember all of the things I accidentally glued to other things with enough time to do something about it.

I once was gluing a magnet back on a refridge thing but I inadvertently put the glued part to the fridge. I still have the fridge in the garage and the magnet is still stuck to it. For, idk, 11 years or so.

[Weird Al]I’m gonna glue my head to the bottom of a BIG STEEL GIRDER![/Weird Al]


^ Help me! Mr. Popeil!

Please never do this.

Like, if you have to tell people you’re weird, then how weird can you actually be?

Brilliant! :slight_smile: