ITT: FXMastermind presents his evidence that climategate was scientifically meaningful

By which I mean that it unearthed evidence of academic fraud, conspiracy to ignore legitimate research, conspiracy to falsify results, or anything which would present doubt that the CRU is anything less than an upstanding scientific organization.

Go on. I mean, it’s not like you’re a lying shitbag with the reliability and honesty of a coked-out prostitute handed $100,000 in unmarked bills. It’s not like you’re talking out of your ass almost every time you mention climate change. It’s not like you want to be held in such low regard on this fo-oh, wait, too late, everyone knows you’re a stupid douchebag who lies his ass off constantly. The only difficult thing is catching myself from calling you on it in GD.

The only useful thing I find in the climate debates is how very bad at debating FXMastermind and Ají de Gallina are…and how very good at debating GIGObuster is.

A detached rational observer with no actual knowledge of the subject at all could not help but find himself persuaded (to some degree) by the superior technique. In a high school debate classroom, FXMastermind doesn’t get a passing grade, because of his repeated use of logical fallacies, his self-contradictory cites, his repetitiveness, and his all-too-evident emotional involvement.

Well, thanks for that Trinopus, it made my day, :cool:

As for FX, he is digging his own grave now by showing how dumb he is when accusing others of lying in GD, why other “skeptics” that claim to be so fair minded do not take him to task is a mystery, particularly when their shtick is that they claim that they are “fair and balanced”.

“ITT”? “It’s time to”?

You forgot to mention the most important part: that he states “facts” which turn out, on closer inspection, to be completely wrong. And cites papers to support those “facts” which say nothing remotely like what he claims they say, either because he doesn’t understand them, or because he hopes no one else does. All while sanctimoniously claiming to represent “science”. I would of course be happy to dig up specific examples if someone wants to see them, but it seems redundant.

I don’t want to be insulting even in the Pit, but scientific dishonesty really really pisses me off, and in this field, it’s extremely rampant all over the Internet and the popular media, especially right-wing publications. Some of the “climate change” editorials in the Wall Street journal basically don’t have a single word of truth in them, and the ones in far-right rags seem to have been written by mental defectives.

Admirable. I’m not that good a person.

IME, FXM is a quite talented troll. I give him mad props for it, actually. He’s good.

But he’s a troll. He’s a good one, and he knows it, and he enjoys it. He is not interested in anything but getting a rise out of people, and I don’t believe he actually means a single word he types.

The worst part is he’s not even a fun troll. He’s just a pure-D asshole who enjoys fucking with people.

I do believe you’re right, and you obviously have a lot more experience dealing with him than I do. In my limited experience here, I’ve noticed a pattern: he makes statements that are outrageously wrong, and when called out on them, simply ignores it and moves on. I suppose he thrives on the currency of the con-man: people’s natural inclination to believe that someone’s motivations are basically honest and forthright, and that someone who’s misinformed would appreciate being corrected. He also seems to think that no one actually knows anything about climate science.

Nope, not a lick. I’ve read through his interminable Pit thread, and some of whatever he’s lying about in GD at the moment, but that’s my only experience with him.

OTOH, I have a *ton *of experience with assholes and internet trolls.

There is that, and one thing that I look for is if other “skeptics” that are out there are capable of noticing how bad it is to support a fellow like him; as I pointed before, anyone that thinks that he is the beesnees in reality has their Anti-Jerk/anti-science/anti-ignorance radar broken and the longer it goes the more is that then I put those supporters in the same column as FX.

I’m definitely a member of your fan club. (But…FWIW…I’m also a member of Der Trihs’ fan club, and he’s about as different from you as two people can possibly be!)

It’s the current version of creationism, or of denial of tobacco-caused ailments. It masquerades as science, using some of the same terms, even aping journal publication and citation, but it’s a deliberate fraud. It puts the results ahead of the research, and, in science, there are few things more grossly dishonest.

Don’t know if you saw this, but it goes a long way to explaining why it’s happening. Far more is at stake here than there ever was for the tobacco industry, and the climate disinformation campaign is correspondingly the most ruthless, sordid and egregious in the history of modern commerce. It has successfully created the mythology of a “debate” with two opposing sides, where in fact no such dichotomy exists in the science. The public “debate”, generally speaking, is between scientific facts on one side and industry spin – in myriad different pseudo-scientific disguises – on the other.

In This Thread.

In this thread.

Whoops. Gotta refresh more often. Still no word from our favorite climate “skeptic”. I mean, surely this couldn’t be because he’s a big fat stupid poo-poo headed liar, could it? Nah, he’s better than that. He’s a SCIENTIST don’tcha know.

Ask him how water vapor is a climate forcing and not a feedback. He had some mindboggling theories about it, but when I asked some questions I must have spooked him and he ran away. I’m hoping we can get the scientist back to clear things up.

He is very busy quoting* not only me but **wolfpup **and others in his troll thread that was put on the pit for a reason.

*(recycling the quotes from different threads, he does not care that it makes his peanut gallery followers look like dunces when they think that me and others are continuing to reply on his cast to the pit thread)

I don’t know what the fuss is about, because I’ve set the trolling twit to Ignore. I wonder why you guys have not done so as well.

I like debate, and am happy to hear from AGW deniers. Even if their questions or comments are ignorant, they can provoke informative discussions. But FXIdiot is just a pretentious troll, spouting nonsense uncontrollably the way cholera victims spout diarrhea.

FXIdiot has a disciple here, named Werewolf or some such. From posts in GD I gather Werewolf, though ignorant, might be sincere. But I’ve added him to my Ignore list as well: He doesn’t seem to grasp that BBQ Pit is a forum for sincere anger and for sincere, but angry, debates. Instead, for him it’s a theater for unfounded insults. Plonk!

Nominations for the 2014 SDMB Ruthlessly Explicit Analogy Award are now closed.

GIGO doesn’t understand the science. He just copy/pastes a lot of stuff he hasn’t read. He certainly doesn’t debate, he holds an ideology with religious zeal, and he’ll never concede a single point, no matter how minor. The sad part is that he doesn’t want to know about the science, and that’s just lazy. That’s not very good debate, if learning is the goal.

But I’m not apologizing for FX’s behavior … he is good at what he does … he seems to have a better understanding of scientific method then the rest of you yo-yo’s … it’s fun to watch him dance circles around you. So far he’s the only one of y’all who has ever asked me to explain the science, at least as best I could. I really don’t know enough of this Climatology to teach it, y’all should know that by now.

Er… Umm … still have to make this pit-worthy …

So don’t be such a bunch of banana-brained tufo-puking stupid motherblankers and lighten up some … there’s no debate until the fucking science is right.

Thank you for your pactince …

I watch him to see just how bad his analogies can get. Better put on your running shoes, dookiehead, I’m about to shift this motherfucker IN. TO. NEUTRAL. :cool:

Why am I not surprised in the least that someone who, unsuccessfully of course, tries to rip down Gigo and build up the laughable “debating” skills of FX has the writing skills of a 6th grader, can’t spell patience, and uses the term “tufo-puking”?

Go away kid, you bother me.