Richard Glover: 'Tattoo climate change deniers'

Article here.

Let’s just think about that for a moment.

I think I’ll just link to this response:

I think little more needs to be said.

Two paragraphs down:

It’s just a rant. Chill out.

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I dunno. Just because the Nazis tattooed their prisoners doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind some people going around with “I’m an idiot” tattooed onto their foreheads. You know, as fair warning. :slight_smile:

Hell, domesticated ferrets are tattooed (one dot for being neutered, one dot for being de-scented) on their ears for ID purposes. No one makes that out to be a Nazi thing, do they?

OP=humor processing failure

Stop Godwinizing things, please!

You know who liked to Godwinize things, don’t you?

(I’ll show myself out.)

First they came for the ferrets, and I didn’t speak out…

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass while you’re leaving.

What the fuck? What lens?

Look you simplistic dickbag, let’s just cut to the chase. You are trying to write some sort of great screed to motivate and inspire, or maybe just to get a paycheck, I don’t even know. In any case, you suck at it.

Because this generation has wars, depression, is building new rail systems, bridges and roads, has a worldwide plague (HIV), and disasters that destroyed thousands of entire cities, as well as an ongoing nuclear disaster at the moment. Billions of people don’t have clean water, safety or even a chance at any of the luxuries you consume each day like a King.

But you write like you speak for an entire planet.

I usually ignore idiots like you, because not only are you completely clueless, you are also feeling a bit smug because you BELIEVE in something, in this case some idealistic movement that you are saving the world or something. When you don’t know jack shit about the world at all.

If you are like the other smug self serving fuckheads that preach global warming and “we are killing the planet”, you probably haven’t done one fucking thing to actually reduce your own personal shit pile of what you consider pollution, carbon dioxide.

In fact the fastest way to save the world, from your insane dogmatic point of view, would be to stop breathing. That also means you stop using an fossil fuels. You just did your part to save the world.

And as an added bonus nobody has to listen to your moronic drivel for anther second. Have your dead ass buried and plant a tree on it.

Then it’s all good. You also did some carbon burial.

If I offended any true believers with the above, I am sorry. In no way was I talking about you.

Not sorry I offended you, sorry you are such a thin skinned believer you can’t take the heat.

I thought this was going to be about tattoos becoming more acceptable in the work climate.

Never mind.

Global warming is a global issue, bad as they are, your points are more localized.

No, that is what one would call to be carbon neutral. :slight_smile:

Of course one can notice that in your reply you really have not shown any good reason why your position on this has any validity.

How stupid do you have to be to write something about the Government forcibly tattooing people? Seriously?

Really dumb and really angry: thanks for helping to make the internets amusing.

Piffle, you are really a certifiable idiot (already found as you swallowed hook line and sinker the blogessor that reported on the radiation falling in Berkeley from Japan.)

So getting even more confirmation of that fact (that you are a certifiable idiot) is welcomed.

Getting whooshed is not something to be proud, specially when others noticed already that whoosh.

Line up for your tattoo on the right.

Fuck, does Richard Glover still have a column in the Sydney Morning Herald?

This painfully trite and boring opinionator was trotting out lame stories of domestic trivia when i lived in Sydney more than ten years ago. He used to take some stupid thing his kids did, or some bullshit observation made by his no-doubt-equally-smug partner, and use it as a launching pad for a pseudo-intellectual meditation.

I happen to agree that climate-change deniers are generally a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but Glover’s not the person i look to for advice when thinking about these issues.

And FXMastermind, why don’t you stick to blogging in the “Stupid nuclear reporting” thread? This board would benefit from confining your idiotic dribbling to a single location, where people can go to point and laugh when the need arises.

Maybe it would be best to start with making anyone who doesn’t believe the right way to have to wear a special badge to identify them.

Don’t really need not stinkin’ badges, FXM. It’s not exactly going to be tough to figure out that you don’t know what you are talking about, after all. :stuck_out_tongue: