iTunes genre editing info

My friend downloaded the new iTunes & doesn’t know how to access the new archive information to be able to change it. She wants to change the Genres as the information given doesn’t always fit.

Highlight the track you want to edit, and under the File menu, go to Get Info, and then to the Info tab. Genre is down at the bottom.

Or am I completely misunderstanding your question? What is the “archive information”?

Or select the track (or tracks if you Shift+select or Ctrl+select) and right click on it, and select “Get info”.

I’ll have to admit this: I was pretty amazed when I copied W.A.S.P.'s “The Headless Children” CD to iTunes.

The genre came up as “Gospel”

Bit off topic, but if you don’t want to mess with iTunes or you want a great free tool in addition to iTunes try out Mp3Tag, it’s a powerful but free program, that makes it really easy to see how something is tagged and to chage them.

She hasn’t said anything lately, so I’m assuming she actually figured it out. Thanks!