Entering Song Info to iTunes when not on the Net

I know when one’s not on the Net, you have to enter the Song Info manually to iTunes, but can one set up an Album & Artist file so that one only has to enter the individual song titles under that heading, or does one have to enter Album/Artist/Title each time?

If you select all the songs on the album and then choose “Get Info” from the file menu, you can change the artist and album info for all the tracks at once.

Just to expand on what SanibelMan said, you can choose multiple items by choosing the first track, then holding down the Shift button, then choosing the last track. Everything in between should be highlighted. Then you can change the info only once, and it will apply to all of them.

If you’ve got the CD in, you can right-click on the CD in the left collumn. Select “Get Info.” What you enter will apply to the whole album.