itunes help

Ok, I had to reformat my computer a couple days ago and don’t feel like copying all my mp3’s back yet. I got a new cd and imported it to itunes.

The problem is:
It tells me it will erase everything on my pod to sync it. I don’t want to do that, I just want to put this one album onto my pod. I don’t have any other stuff in my itunes library right now so I don’t want to replace the contents of my pod with the library. I don’t see any other options to transfer this besides syncing. How do I transfer music to the pod without syncing and erasing what’s currently on it?

“Manually manage music”

And then what? I did check that option but couldn’t figure out what to do next, I still can’t find any options to import to the pod.

Once “manually manage music” is turned on, you can drag files from your song list to the iPod icon that appears on the left of your iTunes window.

File menu, “Transfer purchases from iPod” might help.

I used to think that, but it doesn’t transfer non-purchased mp3s.

You’d think because of how important iTunes is to the Apple ecosystem, it wouldn’t be so terrible. You can’t even refresh your library folders. :\

You’re trying to add new songs on the iPod without doing an iPod syncrhronization with iTunes, is that it? I don’t know if that’s possible using iTunes.

I think you will have to get the songs on the iPod back into iTunes somehow, then tell iTunes you want those songs, along with the new songs, to be put on the iPod with a synch. You could either get back your previous iTunes library, or use one of the programs that will copy songs from an iPod to your computer.

When using my iPod, I always try to think of it this way: my iPod is a device that I can use to temporarily store stuff “on the go”, but the main repository for that stuff is my main computer’s hard drive (and the backups for my main computer’s hard drive.) The iPod isn’t really an external storage device (unless you enable disk use; and if you enable disk use, those files are generally inaccessible to the iPod software.) I have seen too many people having difficulties because they kept stuff only on their iPod, or assumed that you could copy from the iPod to somewhere else.

No, friedo hit it. Check “manually manage music” in the iPod status bar, locate the CD in your iTunes library, then drag the CD over to your iPod in the left pane and drop it in.

Really? I’ll have to try that.

Beautiful! I was able to just drag the whole album over and it transferred it. Looks like I still have all my other stuff on the pod too. Thank you ever so much! :smiley:

Why don’t you want to copy back your mp3s? If you made a backup of your itunes folder, you can just replace your new one with the old one. If they are helter skelter, you might want to use one of the various utilities for copying songs from your ipod back into your itunes.

  1. I have 5 dvd’s with my mp3’s on it (approx 3400 songs) that I ripped from my own cd’s. Some of the info on the mp3’s is wrong (minor mispellings when I typed in the track name, using ampersands in the band name on one album and “and” on another album, etc), and I’d have to go back and basically re-organize and fix everything. I’d also have to re-do a good bit of the album artwork.

  2. I have some music files that I ripped and lost when I reformatted. If I re-copy everything over, it will erase those and I’ll have to re-do it. This includes 3-4 music dvd’s that I ripped but didn’t back up (always back up your stuff kids!).

  3. I am considering buying a bigger hard drive. I have a 160gb right now, and before I got the virus I started to run out of space. If I’m going to get a new HD I’d rather wait to copy everything back over.

Not that big of a deal I guess, it’s just something I don’t feel like doing right now, and I just got 2 new cd’s and wanted to add them to the pod without having to spend 2-3 days restoring everything else which is already on there.