Itunes update - Am I screwed?

I took the recent update on Itunes and now it seems I’ve lost functionality –

  1. I no longer get an option regarding whether to sync album art to an Ipod.

  2. I can’t choose to sync videos by playlist. I have to go through and check off each item I want synced.

Any suggestions?

This is a known feature absence. Enough people have been annoyed by it that I’m sure a bug report/feature request has already been filed. No idea if it will ever be reimplemented though. Supposedly, artwork is already part of the music file, and all the art syncing option did was get rid of the extra thumbnails, so theoretically it didn’t save all that much space anyway.

Not sure why you’re having this problem. If I go to the ipod syncing in itunes, and click on the movies tab, I see three headlines:

synch movies:
include movies from playlists:

The last one will let you sync video playlists. Maybe you just didn’t scroll down to see it?

If you still can’t find it, if you select your video playlists in the music section instead, they should still show up in the video playlists on your ipod.

I didn’t like iTunes 9 so I downgraded back to iTunes 8

Here’s a sight that explains how from iPhoneFaq

Or you can go to OldVersions.Com and install iTunes 8.

Make sure you completely remove all traces of iTunes before you reinstall the lower versions of iTunes


But what about space on the screen? Why can’t it be available for track information?

I never considered that aspect lol. I think you’re out of luck with that part.