Itunes video podcasts unplayable on Ipod

I am subscribed to many podcasts through Itunes. Every once in a while a podcast comes in video form. Some video podcasts (such as the clips from Bill Maher’s “Real Time”) work smoothly.

However, some video-form podcasts trigger a warning message during synching which states that so-and-so video was not synched because it can’t be played on the Ipod. (For example, the promo for “Night of Too Many Stars” and the promos for “An Idiot Abroad” distributed through Ricky Gervais’s free podcast.)

What is the difference between these two kinds of video podcasts and why would Itunes distribute a video that couldn’t be transferred to the Ipod?

I do not know why there is a difference, but I get Ricky Gervais’ podcast too, and there is a way around the problem.

Once the podcast is downloaded, if you highlight it and go up to the menu under “Options” or “Tools” or “Advanced” (I apologize – I’m not currently at the computer on which I have iTunes), one of the options that comes up is something like “Create iPod Version”. Select that, and it converts the original podcast to one that can be played on the iPod. It will show up under “Movies.”

Why iTunes makes you go through this extra step, I have no idea.

Thanks for the workaround.

Still, I’m puzzled why Itunes would let that happen.

The iPod hardware video decoder can’t handle all possible video formats. The software decoder in iTunes can handle a much larger range, and so you can end up in this situation. Apple hasn’t restricted video podcasts to formats that only iPods can play.