IUD Stories (TMI, promise)

Well ladies, after months of careful deliberations and one too many “Did I take my pill??” moments I finally decided on the Mirena IUD. I had it inserted a couple of weeks ago and went in this morning for my follow-up appt.

This is a simple appointment where the doctor uses a speculum (with a light!) to check on the IUD strings and… what? No strings?!

That’s right. No strings. My doctor can’t find the strings! My hoo-ha apparently ATE my IUD.

Due to my particular brand of insurance (Curse you, Aetna!) I had to schedule an ultrasound at a local hospital vs. my doctor’s office that I was ALREADY AT just to locate the IUD. He told me there were two possibilities: A.) He cut the strings a bit short and the IUD is happily wading around in my uterus or B.) The IUD may have perforated the uterus and migrated.

Migrated, you ask? Like packed its bags, donned a Tommy Bahama shirt and made off for some fun in the sun and rock climbing in my abdominal cavity? Where I keep several important organs? AAAUUGH!

Even my best case scenario kind of seems like a bad one, doesn’t it? Even if the IUD is happily residing in Uterus Manor, how the eff are they gonna get it out of there when it’s due for a change in a few years?

This isn’t a plea for medical advice as I’m already under the care of an OB/Gyn, but mostly just some way to pass the time between now and my ultrasound appointment (Thursday morning).

Anyone else have an IUD story you’d like to share?

If there’s a possibility that it’s perforated your uterus, why are you not at the ER, RIGHT NOW?

Yeah, it goes like this:
Ouch. Ouch, ouch. Oh, fuck. OOOUCH!!! :mad: God damn.

Probably because there’s also the distinct possibility that the strings are just too short, and, as she’s not presenting with any symptoms, her OB/GYN–who she’s already seen–has determined that such action is not necessary at this time.

No icky stories here; my IUD is firmly in place. And it likes to remind me of that fact every 28 days. Grumble. I hope everything turns out all right for you!

That’s kind of what I asked, only with much larger audible font and a lot more panic in my voice. The doctor said, “It’s honestly probably only in your uterus, the strings were pretty short. If it has perforated, which again, is pretty unlikely, we will have to have it removed, of course, and you should definitely use alternate birth control between now and then, just to be safe.” Of course, the LAST thing I wanna do right now is have a romp. I’m far too busy checking tripadvisor.com to see if my IUD has posted any reviews.

From all of the Googling I’ve done since my appointment (read: too much Googling, I’m such a hypochondriac) I notice that women whose IUD’s *have *migrated elsewhere are generally scheduled for a laproscopic procedure to have it removed, so it’s not necessarily an ER level emergency, just a giant bummer.

You are correct. He didn’t seem worried in the least and I was very honest about any/all symptoms.

What kind of IUD do you have? If it reminds you every 28 days, I guess that means that it didn’t minimize and/or completely alleviate your cycle? Bummer.

As a guy I’d have to say I’m not a big fan of the strings. Friction. Ouch.

I have a Paraguard copper IUD because I didn’t want hormones and I wanted it to last longer. I had it installed 8 years ago, and haven’t had any problems. I do have very slightly more cramping and a slightly heavier period than without it, though.

Mine’s never gone for a romp, but the strings have been caught oddly during coitus and hurt the head of my partner’s penis.

I was going to ask about that. Is it possible for the strings to get, um…attached? Could the guy somehow pull it out?
I’ve contemplated alternate forms of birth control but after Depo caused me to have my period for over 6 months*, I think I’ll stick with the evil I know.
*So apparently it keeps you from getting pregnant by keeping you from having sex. :rolleyes:

I’ve had mine in for ten years (actually closer to 11) with not one issue. My periods got longer, but other than that it was smooth sailing.

I say “was” because I’m scheduled to have it taken out this month. I AM TERRIFIED. There is absolutely no logical reason for me to be terrified. I had my regular pap and checkup in August and everything looked fine. I’m just scared they’ll get up in there and say, “Oops. Looks like it’s fused to your uterus. Gotta take the whole thing out.”

I hope everything turns out okay, malk. It’s good to know that even your bad case scenario isn’t the worst thing ever. However, I’ll be over here rocking back and forth for a few more weeks.

My strings disappeared, too. I wasn’t too concerned about it, and the ultrasound a few weeks later confirmed that the whole thing was happily hanging out in my uterus. I figure that will make the removal a little more difficult down the line, but for now, I’m just as happy that the strings are out of the way.

I get my annuals at Planned Parenthood. I have a regular NP there, but the previous year I saw someone else. So the last time I was there, I saw my regular and she asked me if I wanted to consider an IUD. I said, “oh, I thought you had to have kids first.” Oh no, she assured me, we do them all the time, its absolutely fine for most women.

So we get down to the nitty gritty and she’s fishing around in there kinda longer than usual I’m like uh…? She said, “your last sample wasn’t good… ergh… I just want to be extra careful to get… dammit… cervical cells.”
“You know… your cervix is at a funny angle … and it’s really small… (adjusts lamp for the billionth time)… wow, it’s REALLY small… ok got it.”
“so, would you say I’m a good candidate for an IUD?”

(this is the part that’s funny, because she’s like the calmest person ever and here she just about shrieks)


oookay then.

My mom had the old, bad Dalkon shield put in back when it was the new hot thing (early '70s). She had a whooooole boatload of pain and some bleeding that night, so she went back to the doctor. Couldn’t find it. The doc says well, it looks like your body rejected it, sorry about that, you need another method.

Fast-forward to the mid-'90s or so, and mom gets a hysterectomy; she’s had a bunch of uterine fibroids and things going on. After surgery, the doctors tell her they found something interesting: the Dalkon shield. Buried in the outside layer of her uterus.

I’m just saying, uterine perforation isn’t always an emergency.

Oh hey, this reminds me that I need my Mirena’s placement checked; I was supposed to have the appointment last month but had to cancel, and I haven’t rescheduled yet. She said she left the strings long to try to avoid questions like this.

Since I was up close and personal with an IUD for about nine months at the beginning of my life, I decided not to use them for birth control. My mother decided not to bother with them after I was born as well.

I actually feel a bit lucky I don’t have a lovely spiral birthmark in the middle of my forehead.

I hear they work better these days though. Good luck with yours. I cross my fingers you just have short strings.

A quick ultrasound would show the placement of it. Strings? It’s fishing line I reckon, 6lb test maybe.

Mine is coming out tomorrow at 1:30, and I seriously can’t wait!

It’s really not been a treat for me. (TMI Alert) In the 4th months since I had it in I’ve bled every day, had recurrent yeast infections, cramping, major weight gain, and it’s contributing majorly to my post partum depression. I had a horrible time with the patch when I was on it a few years ago, to the point where I thought I might have been suicidal. Then I realized that the deep depressions were happening like clockwork on days 1-5 of my cycle (we called it Week One and it was Hell). Once I changed birth control the depression lifted.

What I’ve felt for the past 3.5 months is almost exactly that; the same hopeless despair and overwhelming anxiety I used to feel 3 days out of the cycle I’ve had nearly every day. I seriously can’t wait to have this thing removed and go back to my old standby the NuvaRing.

I’m jealous of those of you who had a good time with the IUD, I really wanted it to work out. But this combination of hormones is just all wrong for me and I’m really sad it took 4 months to realize it. It’s honestly been the worst few months of my adult life.

That is really disturbing to think about. Thanks.

Like Kalypso said certain parts rubbed on the string and can cause irritation. Especially cause my friend who has this likes things kind of vigorous.

I’ve been under the impression that the strings are considered a necessary component to verifying that the IUD hasn’t been expelled. They recommend that women check them regularly, correct? What does the disappearance of the strings mean for the life of your IUD? Will you have to have regular (yearly?) ultrasounds? Will you and your doctor just trust that it has stayed in place? Replace sooner?

Sorry for all the questions. I don’t have an IUD but I think vanishing strings would make me paranoid about pregnancy or migration.

I tried it because I am super sensitive to the pill. The pill makes me feel horrible- I feel pregnant all the time with it. I’m exhausted, gain weight, etc.

The iud, Mirena, I was told, would have none of this due to the low hormones.
It was, in fact, worse. I gained 12 pounds in less the the first two weeks, headaches, I was in a lot of pain. I gave it 4 months before I realized it wasn’t getting better.

It was a very bad experience for me.

That reminds me that I need to call and get an appointment to get my Mirena’s placement checked - they said come back after you have a period, but I never had a period. I can’t feel the strings myself.