So, there's a used IUD in my refrigerator. (Massively TMI)

Really gross, weird TMI to follow.

You’ve been warned.

This is squicking me out and is just so odd I have to share, plus I know some of you freaks will be totally fascinated.

So I’ve had a Mirena for almost three years, with never a problem. Today I was walking along (thank Og at home), and I felt . . . something . . . coming out of me. I thought it was my tampon, but soon discovered it was my Mirena! Which had not only come dislodged from my uterus but somehow slithered past my tampon.

And it was not as it had been. I could recognize it because the ends of the arms and the string were showing, but the rest was encased in some kind of tissue. It looks like something out of Aliens.

Luckily my GYN’s nurse is super cool and talked to me on the phone and assured me it’s most likely nothing to worry about. But she’s kind of curious, so she said, “If it’s not too weird, would you consider -” and I was like, “Yeah, it’s already in a baggie in the fridge.”

So on Thursday I’m going in for a birth control consultation, plus a post-mortem on my xenomorph/IUD.

(And yes, I realize I need alternate birth control as of now.)


I love home surgery more than is normal. This is cooler than any I’ve done to myself.

Favorite post of the new year.

Refrigerator?!?!! Damn, I’ve left mine in my dresser drawer - I didn’t know they need to be refrigerated!

Seriously, good luck with the post mortem from a fellow amateur pathologist.

shrug I was entertained.

Let us know what the doc says about the slithering crotch terror.

Picture, please?

Yeah, I want to see too!

My thoughts kind of went like this:

What. The. Hell?
This could be an indication of some kind of problem - I should have the doc look at this.
But that’ll be a few days . . . and essentially this is raw meat.
Wait, is that too gross?
Aw, I’ll just double-bag it.

Are you guys serious about wanting pictures? Did I mention that there’s also a big ol’ blood clot at the top?

If you really want to see it, I’ll take a picture tomorrow in natural light, to show it off in all its eldritch detail.

Well, better an IUD than what I first saw upon perusing the thread, (IED)

Awesome thread. And yes, pix are required.

Oh, yes. Pics or it didn’t…well, uh, I guess it happened regardless.

But yes, we want pics! :smiley:

You said you were wearing a tampon so I’m assuming you have your period. If so then what is the big mystery about the tissue? It’s just your uterine lining.

Perhaps, but the IUD shouldn’t be implanted in it anyhow. (I mean, obviously it’s a badly behaved IUD, as it shouldn’t have come out in the first place, but an IUD isn’t designed to implant into the uterine wall.)

My period usually does not manifest as giant wads of uterine lining coming out all at once. I am somewhat horrified if I am alone in this.

Henceforth I shall refer to my lady parts as “the hurt locker.”

You have to admit, though, that would be highly effective birth control.

lisalan, I’m not talking about, “My, that was a big clot - and what’s this inside it?” This is a discrete, yellowish pod encasing most of the device, roughly the texture of very firm Jell-O. You truly would expect the IUD to suddenly twitch and whisper urgently, “Please kill me!”

I’m already thinking titles for the inevitable horror movie[sup]*[/sup].

It Came From the Deep
Revenge of the Bloody Ovum
The Vagina T of Horror
The Red Tide that Drowned Her
Aunt Flo With A Vengeance
The Great Escape: How the Blood clot and his friend Mirena managed to escape the hellish crotch-prison[sup]**[/sup]

[sup]*[/sup]Based on the horrific true story.
[sup]**[/sup]That one’s more of an animated DreamWorks romp. The Blood clot’s voiced by Jack Black!

Oh, yikes. Hope you’re feeling OK and that your future birth control stays put and all that.

IUDs sound like temperamental little buggers!

This is much more alarming, and awesome, than what I had been envisioning previously.

Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.