I've been hoisted by my own petard

I “troll” on a board (NOT the Dope), and have been offered the opportunity to become a Mod! :smack: I’m inclined to do it. Talk me out of it. (or into it if you’re so inclined)

First you have to tell us what board so we can go there and harass you if you accept the job.

Wait, someone’s promoting you from troll to mod?

Maybe this is like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is too scared to fire this guy, so she makes him Vice President of Something-or-other.

I’m a “troll” in that IRL I have no reason to post on the board.

If you can handle the scorn, go for it.

The scorn from carrying out my duties or scorn of being discovered?

I’ve been given a reprieve. They found Mods.

In that case, you avoided being hoisted ON your own petard. :wink: