I've been muted by Donald Trump

Donald Trump has muted me on his personal and PotUS twitter accounts.

I guess I hurt his feelings.

What a snowflake. LOL

Have the Men In Black showed up at your door yet? if you don’t reply, we’ll know why.

No of course not. In fact, I’ve had a total change of heart with regards to Donald J. Trump the One and True president of the United States. He has an impeccable demeanor and his policies will assure the United States a thousand years of peace and prosperity. I was completely wrong about him and I apologize fully and completely, not only for diminishing the legitimacy of the One and True President, but also by perhaps convincing some unsuspecting true blooded American from supporting President Trump.

We are about to embark on the Thousand Year Crock.

Well, tweet that to him and you should be back in.

beep Wrong. beep

beep Sad! beep

My wife has been sending tweets to Twitler every day. She says it’s cathartic. Hasn’t been blocked yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

-signed, little girl.

Literal LOL.

Thank you.

Even tearing up a little on that one.

My work here is done.

My Morse Code is a little rusty, but I was trying to follow your blinking as you typed that. I got “THEY FORKED ME TO SAY THIS.” Forked?

It means they took a copy of the BeepKillBeep project code and then updated some of its output strings. :wink:

What was the last tweet you sent before the curtain came down?

Ooooo… yeah. Maybe all of us can send that very same tweet, and encourage all of our friends to do so, too.

I’m not actually sure. I sent him an awful lot of tweets. LOL

Yes, what exactly do you have to say to get blocked? Enquiring minds and all.

Our tax dollars hard at work!

They should still be there in your account. Can’t you share the most incendiary of them? Enquiring minds want to know.



It is a joke from “The Simpsons” and maybe elsewhere but I associate it to “The Simpsons”

For the most part they were just sending news articles.

I did tweet at one point that “We will never give you a moment’s rest until you quit or are impeached”.

So I suspect it has to be a quantity and not a quality thing.