I've been off my meds!

For the last few days…

So, I’m sorry if I’ve been behaving a little erratically!

You don’t say…

It’s only been a few days?

That only explains the past few days, though. Not the past several years of your posting career.

Maybe you should, like, you know, start taking your meds? Just a thought.

I’m on my meds. if, by “meds” you mean a nice dry martini.

Try harder, Diamonds.

What meds, exactly?

Ok, I skip it quite often. :o

Why would it matter what meds they are exactly?

Well there’s a difference between being foggy from being off your Claritin and having the sniffles, and being grumpy from missing your Nexium and having GERD pain, or off your psychotic meds.

Well, me off my meds means I stopped taking vitamin D gelcaps, birth control, and Prilosec.

You off your meds likely means something else entirely.

I think you are being disingenuous. WTF.

Why would it not matter? Why even start a thread like this?

Because he’s off his meds? Or hers…I have no idea.

I ramped my Effexor. I was 225 for yoinks, now I’m down below 150 with no usual signs of withdrawal. (I say down below because every day I shake a few more teeny particles out of the XR capsule.)

I haven’t gone crazy-fuck yet. If I do, I’ll be here sympathy trolling, or OP’ing on pseudo-philosophical insights you don’t give a shitcrumb about.

I just took an Excedrin, for those who are interested.

Clearly it matters to you because you started a thread about it, figuring the rest of us would have noticed and would be interested in the effect that no medication was having on you. Wanting to know what effect the medication is supposed to have (i.e., what condition they are prescribed to treat) is a natural next question.

Threads like this where the OP makes an announcement or asks a question and then takes people to task for responding irritate me greatly. A few weeks back we had someone start a thread about her poop and asking people to weigh in on what the doctor might say. Naturally this included some description of diet. But when this thread—posted in In My Humble Opinion, by the way—generated responses about diet, suddenly it was off-limits and the OP got the thread closed.

Here’s a tip: If you don’t want opinions, don’t post in In My Humble Opinion. Likewise, for this OP, if you don’t want questions and commentary about what you have shared, don’t post in Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share.

Better yet, develop a question, a commentary, an opinion, and, y’know express it in your thread!

Your OP is just a silly statement. What are you wanting? Questions? Doesn’t seem like it? Commentary? On what? We don’t know what your meds are! Or what going off them will do.

This OP is more blog appropriate, than thread appropriate, in my opinion!

If “least surprising thing I’ve heard lately” were an Olympic event, this thread would probably win the gold.

Heh. It’s like one of those “I’m drunk!” threads, only rather more self-destructive. Charming.