I've created a red fleece monster!

I bought a red fleece blanket at Target a little while back.

I got home, unpacked it and threw it in the washing machine on cold, then did a normal tumble dry.

The morning after using it, my bed sheet (and me) was covered with little balls of red fleece.

All this time later and I still find the little red balls of fleece all over my home.

It’s like I’m being attacked by fleece!

I have two options: live with it, or do a final vacuum/laundry load and throw the blanket away.

The blanket is nice and soft, too. A shame to nuke it from existence.

Heh! I had a lovely blanket that was that velour kind of stuff awhile back. It was a pretty wine color and I had other muted rose colored pillows and accents for my bedroom. The whole time I owned those things, all of my dust was a pinkish mauve.

When I was in basic training, the floor under all of our bunks would have a fine OD green fuzz by the end of each day. I swore up and down that the obnoxious noisy fan-like equipment outside each dorm was really a machine that chopped up hole-y army blankets and shot the fuzz back into the dorms.


Do you want to know the weirdest thing? I and mine have been covered in little red acrylic spheres this week… and we don’t have a red blanket. Did you infect us?

Yeah, we got one of those blankets from Target. Ours was beige, though. Trust me, they never stop shedding those balls of fluff. We finally gave up after 3 washes and turned it into a dog blanket for the floor, and now my little black dog has tiny beige polka dots.

I got one from Fred Meyer’s several years ago. It fuzzed for the first 6 months, then I made a cover for it. It’ll keep the blanket clean, so, I figured, no red fuzz in the dryer. I just wash the cover. Of course, it’s full of red fuzz too so, red fuzz everywhere. It’s less trouble to wash the blanket. :smack:

That blanket is now in an old plastic blanket case in the closet. I’m waiting for cold, unwelcome house guests. :smiley:

I had an electric blanket that was made of fleece. I loved the electric part of it but yeah, I’m still plagued with the fleece bits after having ditched the blanket for something better about 4 years ago.

I put the blanket between my mattress pad and fitted sheet. My mattress pad isn’t flat, it’s sort of fibery itself. It was like Velcro for the fleece. Even though I’ve washed the pad umpteen times since I got rid of the blanket, it’s still fleecy.