I've got 5 gmail invites, and no one to give them to.

None of my friends or relatives want an invite. They’re happy with their own email accounts. I’ve given out two, and still have five left.

If anyone wants one, just email me.

I’ve got four, should anyone else want more of them. They are really nifty.

Now, why in the hell did I post in IMHO? I meant to put this in MPSIMS.

I gave one away. Still four more left.

I have a friend who wants one (I’d invite him, but I don’t seem to get invites any more).

Rather than give his e-mail out, if you send one to me (I don’t know if you can send an invite to a gmail account) at Lsura73_at_yahoo.com I’ll forward it over to him.

D’oh. I just realized that you said to e-mail you.
So, e-mail sent. (or it will be in a minute)

I’m out.

Sorry, Lsura, I just ran out.

Well, SV’s out, but if you’re still holding, **Gfloyd[/d], I’m in.

Me too.

i have 6.

Why don’t you post the links?

What is the deal with gmail? if someone has an invite i would look at it if there is a particularly thrilling reason to=)

e-mail me at priestessoforgo@gmail.com, if you want one. like I said, I’ve got four.

gfloyd, am I nuts, or did you change your listed email address in the last two hours or so? I tried to email you earlier but it bounced back to me. I got an invite from alphaFemale (thank you kindly), though, so I’m just wondering.

No, I did, sorry, I was promted to by this thread, sorry to anyone that got lost, my fault. I thought it was rather wrong of me to brag about how great gamil was and still have a yahoo address.

Here’s a few. If someone is interested, just click on the links: