I've got an Audition

So on a quasi-lark I go to an audition for the Orlando Magic Blue Crew today. The Blue Crew are the guys who are faux cheerleaders. They go out and pump up the crowd, they throw out t-shirts and stuff. I saw a flyer in the green room at the local improv theatre that I take classes at and decided I’d go.

So I show up and it’s empty, I’m there with 30 minutes left in the 3 hour window and I’m #9 to have come through. So I fill out the info sheet and they take me back and I’m sitting in front of five people. They all greet me and I smile and am high energy as I answer questions.

The interview overall was quite painless, I told them about playing Shrek at Universal and taking improv classes. Unfortunately though I was lacking in a lot of skills they asked about, dancing, stilt walking, juggling, etc. though I was eager to learn!

Overall I’d give the interview a 7 out of 10. There were definite points I could have answered better. Thankfully everyone was invited to return on Wednesday and bring an object of importance to them, as well as to wear clothes that we can show our stuff in.

I have no idea what I’m going to bring, I have a few ideas though.

  1. A hat my mom knit for me, which will lead me to explain about my mom’s situation.
  2. A print out of an email my uncle sent me after I left GT.

And I’m going to try and figure out something to do. I guess I know some dance moves but nothing really impressive. I can try to sharpen my juggling, I’m not going to be impressive but at least it is something.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

I wouldn’t worry about having expert dance or gymnastic moves. That’s what they have cheerleaders for. Sounds to me that what this role takes is super-enthusiasm which means being on for the entire game. So the more excited, smiley, and rah-rah you can be the better. Dancing well matters less than dancing with huge energy complete confidence: by the sheer power of your charisma, you will inspire thousands of people to dance along with you. Try to come up with a few simple, easy-to follow dance steps (the more comedic the better) so that you can teach the crowd to dance along with you. You could inspire a Blue Crew tradition!

I’m curious why they asked you to bring an “object of importance.” Is it to get to know you better, or to serve as some sort of prop? If it is the latter, I would avoid anything too deep or melancholy (I don’t know the story with your mom). They might ask you to build a humorous skit around the object, or to act out how you’d get a stadium full of people to get excited about it, so bring something you can play with. You could do this with a hat, of course, but try to think of something that is appropriate to the context. Bringing a few things might be a good idea, and you can just pull out the one that makes the most sense once you know more about what they’re after.

Along those lines, an e-mail isn’t an “object,” so I’d avoid that. Bring a thing.

Best of luck to you, I hope you get the job and have fun no matter what! I have to know, tho…

GT = Georgia Tech? George Takei? Godzilla Two? Grand Tetons?