I've got Happy Feet stuck in my head.

Many years ago the radio station I had programmed into my morning alarm would often play a song that went something like “I’ve got ha-ha-Happy Feet”.

For some unknown reason I now (some 4/5 years later) have Happy Feet stuck in my head. Anyone know what it is called / who it is by so that I can get hold of a copy and listen to it until the darn tune leaves my head?

It’s an old swing tune called (reasonably enough) “Happy Feet”. One site I found says it’s “credited to Hank Crawford”, which sounds like nobody’s sure.

Catchy tune, though!

Thanks rjk I might just have to go into the local record store and do some browsing.

I thought Happy Feet was an old Steve Martin bit… Does anyone remeber that (sorry if this is a hijack)

The definitive version is performed by Kermit the Frog.

Hey now that sounds very cool a Kermit the Frog song :slight_smile: No wonder it is stuck in my head.

The band 8 1/2 Souvenirs has a good version on their CD entitled… “Happy Feet”! They are kinda jazzy, kinda loungey, swing music with a very European influence.

If it’s the same song, yes. I thought it was a Muppet original. We’re talking about the fellow whose shoes refuse to ever be weary, yes?

Not a Muppet original but Kermit did the best ever version.
The true genius of the bit?

“Many of you have written in asking the question ‘Can the Frog tap-dance?’ And, of course, the answer is . . . Hit it!”
Then the music begins and Kermit goes into an elaborate tap number during which: WE NEVER SEE HIS FEET!!!

Absolutely brilliant comedy! Genius!



According to this site It was made popular by Cab Calloway and His Orchestra in 1930.

It’s a great 1920s pop song.

Happy feet, I’ve got those happy feet!
Give them a low-down beat
And they begin dancing—
I’ve got those
Ten little tapping toes
And when I hear a tune I can’t control
My dancing shoes to save my soul!

And here is a link to a red-hot version played by Frankie Trumbauer!

Hey, Baggins, you’re right. Steve Martin did have a ‘happy feet’ routine. If I remember correctly (which I may not) it wasn’t so much a song as it was him declaring that he had ‘happy feet’, and then dancing around as if he had no control over his legs and feet.