I've got my beater car back!

To make a long story short, my car has been sick and my SO & I have been carpooling. My car’s been off the road for about a month now.

All well and good, we’ve been making do - but today I finally got my car fixed!

Whodathunk I’d ever miss my old crappy beater car. My SO drives a much newer car than me, but I found myself missing my own car, which was set to my height, had all the right radio stations programmed, and was just comfortable. Not the height of luxury - but we were friends.

And no more carpooling! He works east, I work south - it was pretty awkward. Not to mention getting up at 6:30!


Man, I miss driving a beater. I used to have a job delivering auto parts, and the boss there had a theory: Ten $300 cars will last longer than one $3,000 car. I lived by those same rules for many, many years. From '86 though '97 it was one long string of hoopties after another. Never paid more than $300, never put more than $100 into any repairs, and never had one die for at least a year. Not bad at all.

Sure, I had to put up the occasional stranding or exploding engine block, but hey…they were all adventures.

Alas, maturity crept in. Got married, and got a job with a 100 mile round-trip commute. Not the kind of thing that a hoo-ride is good for.

My back seat is still nothing by soda cans, though.