I've had enough of Howie and Terri

Somehow, handsome and downright just cool are not the first qualities that leap to mind if asked to describe Radio Shack regular clientele.

In the ghet-to, we don’t have real electronics stores. We have Radio Shack (and The Homeboy Shopping Network).

The man at my local Radio Shack was really nice and helpful when I needed an antenna for an ancient TV so I can get Buffy on Tuesday nights. And when I needed a splitter for my phone lines. He knows that he works for a sucky store, bitterly pushing low-end cell phones on teenagers in big pants, but he is a nice, decent man with a mother out there somewhere. He’s an American! And I will not have him mocked!!!

As for Teri and Howie, I say we hire MacGyver to build some kind of electric shock device that goes off every time the two of them commit crimes against fashion, talk, breathe, or blink. Not only would I await the commercials eagerly, I might even stop by Radio Shack and buy the device from the nice man there.

Hmmm, eight months later, Throatshot you decide to answer the question?

I’ve had a soft spot for Radio Shack ever since I went there one night, trying to find a new fan for my computer, and found the staff standing around watching HBO’s Real Sex on fifteen TVs at once. My kinda store.

Teri and Howie should be fed to feral pigs, however.

I doubt that MacGyver would do this to Penny Parker.

It’s clear to me that those Howie and Terri ads are trying to emulate Polaroid’s James Garner- Mariette Hartley ads from the 70’s. It’s not working though. There’s also a Ving Rhames - Vanessa Williams ad, which I guess is meant to attract a more ‘urban’ clientele :rolleyes:

Anyway, I was mildly surprised to learn that they drink each other’s piss. Maybe they should show that in the commercial.

Google was slow.

They also have Daisy Fuentes and Alex Rodriguez doing ads. A-Rod should never ever talk. The bar was amazingly low and he failed to clear it. They need to design the rest of his ads to feature him just standing around looking good because giving him lines isn’t working.

How fuckin ironic! THat episode was on my local channel tonight! :slight_smile:


P.S.- "Yes, they’re real, and they’re spectacular!

feh ! I thought aha was back. Damn.

That was Daisy Fuentes? seriously? She should fire her agent! I wanted to throw a brick at the tv when i saw that.

Yeeehaawwww. Good answer, Throatshot. I think you got potential man. Welcome to the boards. I too thought aha was back, even though I know he’s busy teaching and being the new band director. I sure miss that guy.

I wondered if anyone else remembered her playing this moronic ditz! FTR, I hate those stupid ads, too. MAN, are they getting tiresome–as bad as “Steve” and the Dell commercials. IT’S NOT CUTE ANYMORE, RADIO SHACK!! Not that it ever really was, I suppose!

Did anyone see the Howie/Teri parody on Mad TV? It was great! They had the woman who played Teri just saying “Hey Howie” constantly and Howie making snide comments to her. At the end, men in white coats gave her a shot and took her away. It was great, since I loathe those two.

The really sad thing is that aha posted this eight months ago. We were all fed up with them then. AND THEY’RE STILL ON! (Anyone remember the frizzy-haired Teri in the movie “Soapdish”?)

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $10 at any one time in Radio Shack. I only go in there for some incredibly specific adapter type thing, and they always have what I need. I can’t imagine purchasing actual…stuff…in there.

As for Daisy Fuentes - is it me, or has she gained some significant weight? (Not that I have any room to talk…)

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