I've had enough of Howie and Terri

Those Radio Shack commercials with Howie Long and Terri Hatcher are not cute and they are not enduring, they are just plain unadulterated, raw audience insulting shit.

Ha ha ha aren’t we beautiful and handsome? Yes we drink each other’s piss and sometimes have little “play spats” but it doesn’t distract from how perfect we are. Ohhh yeah, our shit is odorless alright, not like the rest of you rank and file unimaginative little turd burglers.

So if you want to be gorgeous, handsome, cute, coy, humorous or just down right cool, buy from Radio Shack.

Oh and be sure and purchase the insurance because whatever you buy will fall apart in a matter of months.

Wow, bitter much?

I give it a 6.5…ah, 6.7 (for good use of “turd burgler”) [sic].

If they are, I feel sorry for any offspring they may conceive.

I think they should just fuck and get it over with.

On national television.

During the Super Bowl.

In a 15 minute long add. If they must (since Radio Shack would be paying for the airtime) they can use Radio Shack batteries, flashlights, and surge protectors as love beads and dildos, respectively.

They should remember this:
If you have to keep telling people who you are, you aren’t really famous enough to be a celebrity spokesman.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. These ads make me cringe in fear and loathing whenever they come on. I hate how several of the little spats end in Terri smacking Howie. I would love to see one in which Howie decks Terri.

Why settle for Howie decking Terri?

He is a Hall of Fame football player after all…why not a running tackle and then he can “sack dance” over her unconscious body?

How about superman flying in and butt fucking both of them. Now I would buy radio shack stock to see that.

Thank god I’m not the only one. These commercials are among the few that I will always change the channel to avoid. I like VarlosZ’s suggestion the best so far, but eliminate the surge protectors. That way, there is more chance of them electrocuting themselves.

Thank you aha for starting this thread.
I hate Howie and Terri more than the Pepsi girl, more than the Mazda boy and even more than the Welch’s Juice girl. I will never ever ever shop at Radio Shack because of them.
I hate how Howie sits there looking like a big dumb goon, while Terri flounces around with a bunch of stupid electronic gadgets in every single moronic commercial.
I hate them, hate them, hate them! I’d like to knock their heads together with a satisfying thunk, and then kick them in the ribs.

Maybe they could zap each other into oblivion in a duel involving Radio Shack’s new line of phasers.

Her name is TERI. If you’re going to bitch about someone, spell it right, DAMMIT.

I hate those damn commercials too. More for Howie than Teri. Who would shop at Radio Shack anyway? Small selection of product at most stores, and often over priced.

Well, I’d had no idea till I read this thread who the hell “Howie and Teri” were—though I’d assumed from their smug self-satisfied looks that they were some sort of micro-celebs.

I would forgive them everything if they would use their Radio Shack equipment to rig a bomb to Jamie Lee Curtis’ cell phone . . .

I had no clue as to who either of those shills were. Howie, of course, I’d never heard of because football is just a foreign land to me. But when I found out that the woman was Lois from Lois and Clark, I was plunged into a sad musing on the ravages of time. The years (and not so many of them at that) have not been kind to Teri. I’m just glad she’s still getting work…

Are you kidding? Howie looks like Stephen Hawking compared to her! Even if they filmed him picking his nose and eating the boogers, he’d still look smarter as long as she was in the frame.

BTW, is TerI Hatcher the only “Bond” girl to get killed off in the first quarter of a Bond film? That was sort of a welcome relief. It was like a bonus for those of us who saw it DESPITE her.

(How does Radio Shack stay in business, anyway? I mean, how many camera batteries and remote control cars can you sell? Don’t people go to real electronic stores to buy high-end electronics?)

Lets buy Radio Shack and extend Teri and Howie’s contracts. Then we start selling sex toys.

Teri: The new vibrating but plugs are in at Raido Shack!

Howie: Be sure to get some extra battries!

It’s especially tacky now that Howie is making those commercials for Love Links, flirting with total strangers on the phone, the slut!

voguevixen wrote:

ISTR that Teri Hatcher majored in math :smiley:

finagle wrote:

Not only that, but she played Sidra (who had spectacular breasts) on Seinfeld.

Ah, the perils of trying to stay a size 2. Whatever diet she’s on, and she looks like she takes diuretics for that extra-dried out look, would be considered a war crime if you MADE her do it.

I think the saddest thing is that Howie Long, a professional football player and announcer, trained in acting by the brilliant Terry Bradshaw :rolleyes: , demonstrates on those ads that he is not only Stephen Hawking to her Hee Haw Honey, but also Lawrence Olivier to her, well, Teri Hatcher.

94% of America is within 5 minutes from a Radio Shack either at work or home. That’s how.