I've invented a new word. Areaism.

It’s not cool to say derogatory things about black people, jewish people, arab people, oriental people, fat people, handicapped people or any other “people” that have long been oppressed or generally discriminated against. I think everybody agrees with that. It is, however, ok to put down people from the South. I’m not going to link to existing threads because:

a. It would take all day

b. I don’t want to direct this at individual people.

If you can’t find a thread that mentions rednecks or hillbilly or sister-fuckers you’re searching impaired.

I’m tired of it. I can laugh at some of it (You might be a redneck if) but the broad generalizations of Southerners as ignorant, racist, backwards and sub-human is getting old. As silly as it sounds, many people don’t realize that the South has actual cities with actual red lights and motor vehicles. For example, on a recent trip to Las Vegas a woman (don’t know if she was from Las Vegas or not) heard my mother’s accent. Conversation ensues:

LVW: Where are you from?

Mom: South Carolina.

LVW: What do you do down there?

Mom: Sit on the porch and watch the cotton grow, mostly.

A poster in a recent thread remarked they would not like to visit a rural area since they would likely be raped. :rolleyes:

People. It’s not cool. And it’s ignorant. Of course you can still find pockets of the “stereotype” but you have to look hard.

Don’t bitch about racism or fatism and then make a “redneck” comment. It’s the same thing.

Don’t be an areaist.

Well, I did search for “redneck”, and I found this thread. I agree with you – using that term is completely out of line. The OP of that thread is obviously just ignorant.


… sister-fucking is area-related?

I think Heisenberg had something to say about this…

I thought this was going to be about discriminating against people based on the area of their skin, so that you’d treat people with smooth skin better than people whose skin is wrinkly and ugly.

Oh, how wrong I was!

Don’t worry. It’s still OK to discriminate against wrinkly people.

Well, there was this thoughtful expose on the Southern culture available in Florida which was ever so flattering. I believe, however, that the OP was specifically referring to this thread.

I’ve heard this referred to as “regionism”–easier to say than “areaism”.


I hate the term redneck. People just throw that insult around like it doesn’t mean anything. It is a slur and should be treated like one. We can’t say gyped on this board because it is a slur but no one seems to think twice about redneck.

n. Offensive Slang
1.Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.
2.A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude.

Before anyone screams site - from Lynn Bodoni


I agree with her 100%. I think that redneck should count as such a slur.

Nah, it’s just called “jealousy”. If you’re not Southern, you wish you were.

And you guys will love this story. My mother had a student transfer into her class from D.C. whose mother was a veritable font of misinformation about Kentucky. She actually had the nerve to ask Mom, in all fucking seriousness, “You do teach them to read in the sixth grade, dont you?”

Mom deadpanned, “Why yes’m, and we wear shoes, too.” I still think she should have thrown in an offer to take the stupid bitch to see our newfangled flush toilets.

And while we’re on the subject, what’s with people feeling free to make fun of someone with a Southern accent? The very next time I hear someone ask me to “say something, your accent is just so funny,” I’m going to become physically violent. Y’all talk funny, but my mother taught me better manners than to point it out.

And don’t make fun of someone saying “y’all” if you use the word “youse” hmkay? Y’all is grammatically correct, but youse isn’t even a fucking word, so which one makes the user sound stupid?

Okay, I’ll tear myself away from my soapbox now. I can’t promise I’ll stay off the damn thing, though. There’s just too much material.

Oh indeed, this is one of those things I find horribly obnoxious. South-bashing, Texas-bashing…

Incidentally, I believe they’re called “rednecks” because working-class in the South almost invariably means a ditch-digging type job, where your head’s bent in the sun outside. Your neck gets sunburnt. Redneck.

It is rather like calling an immigrant from Mexico and Points South as a “wetback.” Maybe a bit less offensive, but not much.

I hate it, I really do, when people assume I’m stupid because I live in the South. I hate it when we’re considered backward, ignorant, cultureless SOBs. I especially hate it when people are rude enough to say so…and it drives me nuts when it’s considered appropriate and funny.

Our mothers taught us to be polite, but we’re getting tested to the limits…

Actually, LPN, I think the red neck tends to come from the South’s history of being mainly agricultural. “Poor white trash” who didn’t have slaves (or later, hired hands) to do the farm work spent a lot of time bent over plows and hoes and such, thus resulting in the classic red neck.

You’re right on about how offensive it is, though.

Coming from Arkansas, I am in complete agreement. I have never had a discernable accent and got into radio as a teenager. So when people find out I’m from Arkansas, the first thing they say is “You don’t SOUND like you are from Arkansas.” I think the problem can be traced to the aftermath of the Civil War. Let’s make fun of the losers. It continued with the entertainment industry, as people who had never been 100 miles inland from either coast are writing characters and stereotypes about places they can’t find on a map.

“No ma’am, we expect them to have learned how to read years before then.” :smiley:

You’re kidding - “y’all” is grammatically correct?! And which usage - some regions use it for plural, others for plural or singular. think Well, I suppose if you have “You all can go to the store” and accept “y’all” as a grammatically correct contraction, then the plural form alone would be correct - but there are many places which count the singular form correct as well.

This happens in many places besides the U.S.

In Canada we have Newfies… those fine, hard working folks from our eastern coast who are the brunt of many a joke.

I watch British television a great deal and quite often the Scots are the brunt of many jokes as are those people who belong to the working classes.

I’m sure every country has it’s own example of area based prejudice.

I actually know an older woman who took voice lessons to erase any vestige of her Newfoundland accent as she was tired of people thinking she was a lesser person just by virtue of her speech. Once she learned how to speak the Queen’s english her prospects for employment actually improved and she found that she was treated better.

Bit of a hijack, but I’ll get to my point…

I was hanging out with some friends and one of the black guys called me a skinhead for no good reason (just for the hell of it pretty much). So I looked at him and said “Hey, I don’t appreciate that, nigger.” Whoa, well, obviously that didn’t go over too well. I explained to him that I felt just as offended as he did at that point. He didn’t see it that way at first, but later on I think he spoke to our mutual good friend who knows I don’t go around calling him (or anyone else, really) a nigger and he realized that I did it just for effect. He came around to me later and we had a nice handshake and we apologized. [How sweet.]

Anyway, my point is that there are a lot of terms out there that get thrown around that people don’t realize can be very offensive to people. Obviously you have the big ones like nigger and kike and whop and such, but then there are the ‘lower tier’ ones like redneck and skinhead and such that there isn’t quite the same level of awareness of, and those can be just as offensive to people.

Additionally, I think one reason northerners think southerners are idiots is the speed thing. People from the south are more laid back, aren’t as hectic and (this is the important one) talk at a slower pace. Anyone up here in the NE that talks at the same speed as a southerner is regarded as ‘slow.’ Ergo, ‘all southerners are slow.’

I had a problem with this at boot camp as one of the nicest guys in our division was a southerner who talked so slow you almost fell over trying to listen to him. Everyone thought he was an absolute idiot. (He was from Kentucky). Anyway, he ended up getting one of the highest academic scores in the division and he and I really helped each other out during boot camp. I was glad I didn’t think he was an idiot 'cuz he was from the south. Too bad all the other guys brushed him off as an idiot because he was a really nice guy.

I live in the South, I spend all my time here. I have never, ever heard anyone use y’all in the singular. Could you please provide a citation demonstrating such?

FTR, I use neither y’all nor youse.