I've Just Been to the Worst Website Ever!

Oh jeez, dare I go? I’m being pulled…should I do it?

I can’t, I don’t really have that strong of a stomach. Plus it’s late, and I don’t want nightmares.

But, man, it’s tempting…I can’t.

On the other hand, I have survived goatse…but, no, I can’t. I won’t.


Oh, I’ll make it easy for you

www. tubgirl .com

Still rinsing my eyes. Yes, it really is that bad.

I will tell you, it isn’t decomposition, which I find worse.

Oh Mama Cass, please tell me that’s photoshopped.

Goatse is a mantle-worthy portrait compared to that.

:smack: <–Happy, crushing his eyeballs

Lead me not. Damn that was bad.
How do you wash out your minds eye?

Oh sweet Jesus, that makes Goatsec look like little fluffy bunnies!

That was disgusting. I think I am going to be sick.

We really do need a barfing smiley.

Oh dear God.

I like how the one part was pixelated out.

So, how about those electric cars eh? Man, those web sites are brutal!


Do I even have to MENTION goatse man? What has the SDMB become when nobody talks about it!

What’re me and Guin? Chopped liver?

Ehh. I’ve seen worse…

oh no, beagledave – this is a much more “worthy” site:


I’ll say one thing: Exposure to Japanese pornography (all of the severely deranged shit comes out of Japan, it seems) has changed forever any ideas I once had about human sexuality. Forget Kinsey: Get a newsfeed that includes the binary groups and see things nobody discusses with pollsters.

I have come to firmly believe the aphorism, commonly bandied about in certain usenet newsgroups, TWIAVBP (“The World Is A Very Big Place”). It isn’t that big in terms of size, but in terms of sheer human variety it is huge. Huger than most humans, living quiet little parochial lives, would ever imagine. The Internet has brought all that to my doorstep, and now it is mine to examine and attempt to find the beauty in.

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”
– Batty, Blade Runner, but oddly appropriate here.

I am at work and can’t check that picture out but I think I have seen it. Is this the one with the japanese girl with her legs doubled over her head in a bath tub with a fountain of diarrihea shooting from her ass directly on her face?

If it is I think goatse is more disturbing.

I would ask you kindly to not use ‘brutal’ in a perjorative context.

Stinky, I think some people could have gone without the description.

That’s why we have spoiler tags.


I have never been closer to not believing in God. That site was…was…whoa.

OK, so I had to see it too. So, anyone got any of that drug that Mulder was forced to take on the X-Files, that made him forget the recent past?

That electriccars site was laid out like one of those pay-porno sites. Like if you sign up, you can see an electric Hummer.

Hey, look at me, I made a pun :stuck_out_tongue:

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