I've Just Been to the Worst Website Ever!


I’ve seriously been considering buying an electric car or a hybrid. I want to do my bit to make the US less dependent on foreign oil. That, and I put about 200 miles or more per week on my car for my job, which means that some substantial savings in fuel costs would help my bank balance quite a bit.

So I do a Yahoo search for “electric cars” and get thousands of hits. Electriccars.com looks the most promising. I click.

Their main page is all fluff about how great electric cars are and how great their site is. At the bottom is a link to what I thought would be the page with the information I want (models available, features, cost, etc.). Nope, it’s another page of fluff about how electric cars are all the rage at auto shows these days, not to mention how great their site is. At the bottom is a link to what I hope, once again, is the information I want.

Nope, it’s a third page of fluff about how great electric cars are and how great their site is, and a little bit about how fuel cell cars are likely to bring about the destruction of Life as We Know It™. Another little link at the bottom.

A fourth page of fluff. Another link.

A fifth page of fluff. Another link.

The sixth page looks like it’s finally going to have some information… and all I have to do is give my credit card number :eek:!!! After six pages of hype I find out that they want me to pay for information that I can get in abundance for free :eek: (assuming that I can actually find it, which thus far I’ve been unable to do).

I’m a little too stunned right now at the chutzpah;j of these people to continue my search for info on electric vehicles.

Well, if you haven’t been able to find it, why are you assuming that the information is freely available?

My favorite line is:

Well, what do you think gasoline is?
[sub]I know its not an element but it is highly explosive[/sub]

Perhaps you’ve heard of this thing they call The Internet? :stuck_out_tongue:

perhaps you’ve herad of this thing called reading? That the internet is free, and available, does not mean that the sum total of human knowledge is out there, ready to be downloaded. If nobody’s put the info up on a web site, all the googling in the world won’t find it.

He wasn’t Googling–he was Yahooing. That’s the trouble. Yahoo sucks as a search engine.



… at the risk of having just been whooshed or something, isn’t the point that the site is saying they don’t want to fill their cars with an explosive “element” like either gasoline or hydro? Rather, they want the world to buy electric cars instead? Or did I miss something…

No, they were specifically denouncing the use of hydrogen fuel cells. I think it is on the fourth or fifth web page.

The sum total of human knowledge is out there, ready to be downloaded. Just ask Duck Duck Goose. Can you honestly conceive the possibility that nobody, anywhere in the world, has put any information on a website about a topic as widely discussed as electric cars?

It’s not that there aren’t a million websites discussing electric/alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles (hereinafter referred to as EVs). They discuss them ad nauseum. They discuss why we need them (or why we don’t); they discuss how useful (or how useless) they are; they discuss in excruciating detail the technology behind them, etc.

That’s all well and good.

I’ve been looking for a website that tells me, in plain sight and in plain English, who makes/sells EVs, how much they cost, how long it takes to charge them, how far they can go on one charge, what features (such as air conditioning, CD player) they have, and most importantly: where I can buy one.

I finally found a couple of websites that meet this criteria, BTW. It just took some digging.

While you’re at it, check out www.electriccarsbukkake.com

No, that is not the worst web site ever.

This is.

Not even close Chester.

Exactly. But the whole entire site is about using Electric cars, not gasoline fueled cars, and on that page not hydrogen fueled cars either. So when you said “What do they think gasoline is?” I was confused. I don’t think there’s anything to suggest that they want you to put gasoline in your car anymore than hydrogen. They want you to plug your car in, all nice and safe like.

Maybe I just didn’t understand your original comment. Wouldn’t be the first time I was confused!

If I posted a link to the worst website ever, I’d be banned. Then Bodoni would come over and dip me in boiling tar.

Go to somethingawful.com and search for tubgirl. If you can’t find that link, consider yourself lucky.

Beware: The information I’ve given could allow one to view an image that is capable of inducing vomiting in even strong-stomached individuals. I’m a strong hand with the BS, but this is serious. Don’t go to that site on a work or family computer.

That’s all I’m going to say.

Phew! I thought you had been to my site. :smiley:

I’m still trying to forget a web site I saw this morning. My SO, sweetheart that she is, linked me to a web site that has a picture of Judy Jetson having sex with – get ready for it – Mr. Spacely.

I had no idea that there was a market for Mr. Spacely porn. But there you have it.

There’s a bunch of Jetsons porn out there-- and Flintstones and Simpsons and Animaniacs and every other cartoon you can think of. There’s a lot of bent arrows out there. The anthromporphic porn is especially puzzling to me. What is remotely erotic about cartoon animals fucking?

You know, I really wish I had read this warning a little bit more closely.

Holy fucking shit.

Holy fucking shit gets the understatement of the year award! Damn you Derleth! Is that supposed to be erotic in some way? This confirms, there is no level below which humanity can not sink!