I've just returned from HELL (LBBB)

In an attempt to be fair, I went to the LBBB and read quite a bit of the message board (boy,do I have a headache!).

There are some really nice, reasonable, intelligent people there. Unfortunately, they are greatly outnumbered by the close-minded, rude, ignorant, clannish masses. After being on the SDMB for a while, plowing through that MB was like wading through super glue. It was positively creepy - I’d forgotten that people like that exist.

Anyway, apparently a disgruntled member of this board e-mailed a joking post made by a SDMBer to the administrator of the LBBB (circumstantial evidence indicates Phaedrus). Now, I’m not sure what to think, but the administrator certainly overreacted, IMO. He/she posted the forwarded message to their forums and informed everyone that the LBBB was ‘under attack’(?) For some reason this ‘attack’ wasn’t noticeable until they were told that some of the SDMBers were posting there!

BTW, I saw no evidence of an ‘attack’ by SDMBers on the board - just questions and debate. The more reasonable, intelligent members of the LLBB were enjoying these debates. No disruption of the board, no name-calling or spamming or anything. Certainly nothing like what the LBBBers did here.

As a matter of fact, nothing even reminiscent of ARG220 in his heyday :slight_smile:

I am very disturbed by the reaction of the administrator - I would think that if he/she honestly believed that there was a concerted ‘attack’ being made on that MB by members of this board, a complaint to Mr. Zotti, as the SDMB administrator, would have been in order.

Instead, he/she posted the ‘attack’ message to the LBBB, and then came here, along with several adherents, and began seriously attempting to ‘spam’ and disrupt this board.

What kind of behavior is this?

Actions like these are one of the reasons I turned away from religion many years ago, and why I continue to be rather anti-religious today. For every reasonable, respectful, tolerant, admirable religious person I meet, there seems to be a thousand of these offensive ones, and, honestly, these people scare me.

Not a very BBQ Pit-ish post, I guess, but I found the whole episode very disturbing.

What is the LBBB? Can you provide a link?

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Why in the fuck did you assholes invade their cozy little board anyway?..thanks a fuck of a lot for starting a message board holy war…how fucking brilliant!

What’s next? An organized assault on the Jeff Rense Sightings message board?..

GuanoLad, I’m not sure if you want to wade through all of this :slight_smile:

The saga starts at http://www.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/00628.html (hope this link works- if not, Great Debates, the 'David B. etc, thread)

The LBBB is http://www.leftbehind.com

Just to get you started:

Someone (or two) posters from LBBB came over here, got into an disagreement or something and left, but suggested people visit that message board. A poster went there and came back and invited others to go check it out and debate evolution/creationism there.

Several posters did, in what appeared to me to be an acceptable manner. During this time they also returned to the original thread here and compared notes, so quite a long thread resulted. Some of it was a little childish, but nothing unusual for the SDMB.

However, unlike here, the administrator of the other board deletes topics, posts, etc. that he/she doesn’t like or agree with, and the SDMBers gradually got disgusted and left, some of them leaving comments behind (criticizing the administrators, from what I understand) that got them banned.

One poster, who hadn’t yet been banned, jokingly offered his password/user name to anyone who wanted it, and proposed a contest to see who could get banned in the shortest length of time.

Some disgruntled SDMBer forwarded this post to the administrator of the LBBB, who promptly posted it in all of the LBBB forums and announced that their message board was under attack from a conspiracy of SDMBers. This administrator, and several of his followers, then came to this message board ‘chastised’ the posters, then proceeded to post numerous ‘witnessing’ topics in Great Debates, along with veiled threats to ‘spam’ the board into disruption (well, not so veiled, I guess).

At some point, there was communication between Mr. Zotti and the LBBB admin, whereupon the LBBB admin ‘recalled’ his followers and announced that Mr. Zotti would ‘handle’ things. (?)

Unfortunately, not all of his/her followers obeyed, and some are still here trying to annoy people.

The LBBB is busily unsubscribing anyone they think came from the SD, and refusing to accept any more members. Some of the more reasonable LBBBers checked out the ‘attack’ and stated that they didn’t understand what all of the fuss was about, but most of them are busy either slamming us or praying for our lost souls.

BTW, most of the LBBBers are fundies of the worst kind.

So, there you go! Check it all out if you have the time and stomach for it.

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Uh, Krispy, I wasn’t one of them, but I don’t see where anybody ‘invaded’ anybody’s board. Someone posted a link to an interesting message board. Several members checked it out, thought it was interesting, joined the board and entered the discussions. Since they were usually posting in different forums, they sometimes ‘met’ back here and compared notes.

Most of SDMBers had already gotten disgusted and left before any of this other shit started. One single troublemaker (it appears to have been Phaedrus, but there’s no proof of that as far as I know)forwarded a post from this message board to the administrator of that board, who reacted like, well, a 12 year old paranoid schizophrenic.

Basically, some SDMBers went to check out an interesting message board, got disgusted with it and left, and talked about it over here. Big deal.

The ‘war’ was started by the admin of the LBBB - apparently the ‘SDMB attack’ was so disruptive that no one noticed it until after it was over with.

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Take the medicine, Krispy…don’t listen to the voices…the voices are bad…


I’d heard passing references to the LBMB on here and decided to check it out. I was in stitches!! This stuff is funnier than SouthPark!!

Here are some quotes from their topic about the SDMB “attack” on them :

What does cognitively challenged mean? Because that’s what they called us. They are extremelly immature and definetly need the

MBagnall (admin) in response :
It means we’re stupid. That’s what they’re trying to say. It means your brain is impaired. They say it all over their threads. If we’re so stupid, how come we accept Jesus and his grace and they don’t?

I have an idea that may not work. If they do attack, you could get rid of the whole BB and set it back up a few days later.

Dave 4 Him :
Well, i think this might just be an excuse to actually put aside ourselves, team together in unity, and be PRAYING so very hard now. YOu hear me BB. WE CAN , and WE WILL
Here are the various prayers garnered from just a single page of posts :

Jesus Freak1 : I am praying for all of you.
Stef8802 : I and I’m sure many others will keep you in our prayers!!
jayburk : I’m praying you Michael and the
rest of admin as you all deal with these idiots.
Jesus Freak1 : I’m still praying for you!
SafeAmI : I’ll be praying for the admin and them.
Jesus Freak1 : Still praying!
Dave 4 Him : PRAYING so very hard now
YouThenMe : This is craziness…but I’ll be praying!!!
Warrior : I will be praying for the administation
Jesus Freak1 : I’m praying for you, and we’re on ypour side!
TiReMi : I’ll be keeping you admins in my prayers. And I will also be praying for those poor individuals.

I would have found more great material, but their site stopped responding on me.

Definitely a gold mine of unintentional comic genius, though. I recommend the LBMB for anyone with a few extra brain cells to kill.

Oh goody, it came back up!

From a thread on which animal you’d like to be :


YouThenMe :
I would be a little lamb, because they’re my favorite animal… …and I used to get told all the time that I laughed like a lamb/sheep.

A religious fanatic expressing the desire to be a sheep? You can’t become what you already are!

All this, plus the knee-slapping “Top Ten Reason Why God Created Eve” may just make you want to give up the SDMB for the greener pastures of the LBMB where you can “save yourself” from any kind of intelligent thought.

–puff “I’m going to hell for this one” ington

It’s almost cruel to laugh at them… but… I LAUGH AT THEM!!!


Wow, it’s unbelievable!

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I think there is some serious ‘cult-building’ going on there. They have a ‘Book Review’ site, but if you say anything the least bit negative about the books, you will get slammed to death by outraged ‘Behinders’. And check out this ass-kissing question about how one of the authors prefers to be addressed on the board:

One of the scariest things is the ‘kid’s board’- check out what the kids are thinking and saying about Mormons:

Even scarier, what the kids are saying about evolution, especially teaching it in schools:

The whole Y2K thing is hilarious. First everyone is preparing for the end of the world because several posters said God told them to be ready. Then, when 2000 rolled in without a hitch, various theories abounded:

  1. We are relaxing too soon - all hell is still going to break loose, just not exactly when we expect it.

  2. Actually, all kind of disasters occurred but they were all covered up by ‘the government’.

  3. The whole thing was a hoax, there was never any reason to be concerned about Y2K glitches. The whole thing was a conspiracy between the government and computer programmers to steal money from us and pretend to use it to fix Y2K problems. Obviously, if we spent all that money to fix things, and nothing went wrong, it must have been a hoax. For example:

What a bunch of paranoid delusionists!

Oh, BTW, the admin began all of his/her ‘attack’ posts with “Prepare for the worst” and now half the board members are hunkered down fearfully awaiting our ‘attack’ and feeling deliciously persecuted. The other half are wandering around saying ‘Whazzup? What are you talking about’ and 'What attack? I don’t see no attack!

Meanwhile, the board is not accepting any new registrations - I wonder how long they’ll keep the board closed to new members? Although just about anybody with half a brain has been run off by the nastiness of the majority of the members.

Oh, and I forgot to get the link, but you REALLY gotta laugh about this one - where’s C#3? - aliens do exist, but they are actually either angels, fallen angels, or demons, take your pick!

What a STRANGE bunch of people - I feel kinda slimy after reading that stuff, but it’s kinda like watching a train wreck - you don’t want to see it, but you can’t look away!

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I just got this from their site:

Originally posted by SafeAmI:
What does cognitively challenged mean? Because that’s what they called us. They are extremelly immature and definetly need the Lord. I’ll be praying for the admin and them. Hopefully it’s not too late!

It means we’re stupid. That’s what they’re trying to say. It means your brain is impaired. They say it all over their threads. If we’re so stupid, how come we accept Jesus and his grace and they don’t?

This is almost surreal. And they constantly pray for their administrators.

Zotti, eat your heart out.

A seminar on time travel will be held two weeks ago.

Meekling, on the creation thread on the LBBB site:

“I think some people will believe whatever is easiest to believe, even if they know that it is wrong.”

S/he said it from the pro-christian side, but… I don’t think they realised just how true it is.

They really don’t understand.

Hero For A New Millennium!

The Legend Of PigeonMan - Back in the new year! Honest. I promise. No, really.

If these jerks (LBBB admin and his cronies) believed in their “Jesus”, they wouldn’t subject him to contempt and ridicule by spamming other boards with his drivel.

Well said puffington!!!

There is only ONE WAY! (John 14:6)

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick…

Everyone here has summed up what happened, so I’ll skip that discussion. I just had to agree with coosa on this. If you’ve been here a while, you know ARG220 and I do NOT get along on issues of religion…but after being on that board, I have a new respect for him. Adam, if you read this…thank you for never being as directly rude as they were…I still disagree with you, but good LORD, people like them are prime examples of why I come closer to leaving the church every day.

And Nav…if you’re the Navigator from the LBBB, welcome. You were one of the few posters over there who I felt treated me with any grace and dignity.

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So cut the deck right in half, I’ll play from either side…”

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Thank you for sharing this site! I have actually read Left Behind, for Born-Again Religion, an Anth class I took a couple of years ago, and this is hysterical. I wonder if my Anth professor knows about this site…I’ll have to ask her when school resumes. The quotes from the books that people have as their sigs and the almost cultlike devotion to these books is really interesting.

BTW, for those of you who haven’t read the books (which is probably most everyone), I’d recommend them. They’re really very well-written and excellent if you’re interested in fundamentalist/Born Again Christianity.


“You couldn’t fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine.”

Well-written? The prose in the excerpt was godawful. I’m not really arguing, since I haven’t read any and you have, but the guy’s writing style in what I read drove me nuts. It reads like a really trashy thriller.

“I believe it is easy to loose sight of the fact the the Lord has created athiests for a reason…to test our faith. They tempt us with reason and facts… Embrase agnostics!! I would cry it from every rooftop: ‘Embrase an agnostic!’” --“Bell”, on the LBMB

I’m a little concerned about the meaning of “embrase”. . .
– Sylence

I don’t have an evil side. Just a really, really apathetic one.

They tempt us with reason and facts?

::::clutching side, wiping tear from eye::::
Oh my god, that’s funny!

“I should not take bribes and Minister Bal Bahadur KC should not do so either. But if clerks take a bribe of Rs 50-60 after a hard day’s work, it is not an issue.” ----Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Current Prime Minister of Nepal

Jesus will make sure that the Left Buttock’s webmaster (hemorrhoid-in-chief) and his friends (the intestinal parasites) will not succumb to reason and facts.