I've lost my hearing in one ear......

I’ve been deaf in my right ear for a few weeks now. I go to the doctor wednsday, and i’ve been assuming that its wax build-up. I clean my ears with whatever’s handy, like keys or the insides of pens, so I probably jammed some wax down in there, and its just been building up. Today though, a co-worker said…“I dunno dude…maybe its a brain tumor huh-huh-huh” So now I’m all paranoid.

What kind of hearing loss is caused by something like that? I know its not from noise or anything, and I think if I punctured anything I’d have known it.

I’m not totally deaf either…there’s a sort of roaring or tinnitus-y sound, like when you hold your finger over your ear. Its more than a little annoying. and I can hear sounds very faintly out of the ear. If I have the stereo cranked and I’m sitting in front blasting, say a Mudhoney record, I can hear it, but very faintly out of my right ear when I have my left ear covered.

I don’t have any dizzyness or pain or anything and I don’t get anymore headaches than usual, so its probably just wax, isnt it?


Could be wax. Can I assume that you don’t have a cold, or anything else that would cause congestion in your head (ears, nose…)?

I think the odds are very small (though of course not zero) that’s it’s anything other than wax build-up. After you get the wax cleaned out and your hearing restored, tell your cow-orker that he was right, it is a tumor–inoperable–and you’ve got 3 weeks to live:(. Turnabout…:wink:

Hahaha…I just might do that. I feel better already. :slight_smile: