I've lost my mind, really I mean it!

Do you ever have days where you do something so dumb that you wonder if senility is sneaking in just a wee bit early?

I went shopping into two places today,close by each other in adjacent malls. In store #2, I was searching through piles of jeans, gave up and then went picking through sweaters. After a few minutes, I realized I didn’t have my bag from store # 1. Ack! Okay, I must have set it down while searching throught the jean piles.

So I sprint back towards the jeans and no bag visible. Hmmm. I look up and down and search through the piles. Nada. I spin around and look, zilch. I backtrack. Nothing. Sigh. Someone must have snatched it up in the few minutes that I didn’t realize it was missing.

So I finish my business with store #2, leaving my cell phone # at the desk just in case my bag turns up.

I get in my car and whats on the front seat? My bag from store # 1. WTF? :smack: Ok Oldy McBrainFarts , I says to meself, you dummy, you GOT IN THE CAR AND DROVE TO STORE #2!!! DUH. And I am scared. Scared for the world that has to deal with me and my senility, unleashed at the tender age of 39.


Hey!!! I know that person! She resides in me.

Moments like this have darkened my doorstep on more than one occassion. Not sure what to offer other than a sympathetic ear.

Hang in there!

Don’t feel too bad. You’ll have plenty of company in the mindless aisle. I recently called Waldenbooks to find out if I had left a bag there the day before, because I couldn’t find it at home. Turns out I couldn’t find the bag because I had already taken my daughter’s new clothes out of it and thrown the bag away. The clothes were stacked with her clean laundry, waiting to be taken to her bedroom, you know, right in the middle of the living room.

Story of my life, Cattitude. I sometimes wonder how my son survived his infancy with a scatterbrain mom like me. I spend half my life looking for stuff that I just put down somewhere.

Yesterday, though, both my husband and I managed a real doozy. We have a routine (oh! blessed routine! It is the only way to survive when you lose the thread as easily as I do) in the mornings and were following it, ho hum. We’d done all the morning stuff – breakfast, packing lunches, and so forth – so were seated at our respective computers catching up on e-mail, which is what we always do when there are a few extra moments in the a.m.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was the doorman telling us that the schoolbus was waiting for our son.

We, uh, forgot to send him out to the bus.

Well, we’ve only been parents for nine years now. I guess it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. :rolleyes:

Yes - everyday! Going into rooms then forgetting what I wanted, forgetting what I wanted to say, etc. But the worst is when I’m in the kitchen, open a cupboard, and spot that delicious chocolate bar that I had bought three days ago because I REALLY REALLY wanted it, but put it away and had forgotten about it in between!

Just the other day I took the can opener out of the cabinet, used it, unplugged it, picked it up…then opened the refrigerator and started to place it inside.

I’m only twenty-five.:frowning:

How about the one where you drive to your friend’s place, park, go in the friend’s car to some event, then come back by yourself in a cab or subway and then say ZOMG WHERE’S MAY CAR?!?

and this morning’s doozy. I made my usual cup o’ joe. Stirred my splenda in. Reached in the fridge, grabbed the pitcher, and poured in…
the iced tea???
Ack! I realized it as the first few drops went spilling in my coffee so I quickly swapped it for the milk container.

Buh-bye mind…

The last two years have really sucked because not only have I felt the downward slide of my 39th and 40th birthdays affecting my cognition :), I also have been having the beginnings of perimenopause affecting the brain on occasion and a lovely depression/PTSD thing going on post Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know my asshole from my elbow. I wonder if my brain is ever going to be back to normal. I’ve taken to carrying around a notebook to remember things.

Oh, hey, I think I found your mind. I just tripped over it on the street, I swear–you want me to pack it up and ship it to you direct?

(It happens to all of us. No worries. :))

I went to a restaurant by myself, taking a favorite book. When I got home, I called the restaurant asking if they had found the book. They put me on hold, during which my wife walks in, book in hand, saying “You left this on the porch railing, probably when you unlocked the door.”

I was too embarrassed to let them know that I had found it. Of course.

Got a gift card for my birthday. Took the card out of my wallet so I can see what time they open. I have to get online for this information, but that’s no problem 'cause I’ve already removed the gift card from my wallet and it’s sitting right here in front of the monitor.

Great, they’re open - let’s go!

I go, get the stuff I wanted, walk up to the line and right then a perfect image of my office, complete with gift card in front of the monitor, forms in my mind.