I've never met anyone else who likes Timbuk3

Most people know their 80s one-hit-wonder The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades - but anyone know their other stuff? I had the album Edge of Allegiance (until some smackhead stole it from me), and this is a seriously good album.

Great songwriting, gritty performance, excellently constructed political lyrics.

Highlights for me include: Waves of Grain, which was horribly prescient re. hijackings; Grand Old Party - catchy, brutal, and amusing; Standard White Jesus and Dirty Dirty Rice also should get a mention.

Unfortunately, their albums seem to be out of print. It’s a shame, because they were very unusual. Anyone heard any of their other albums?

Not just Timbuk 3, but Pat MacDonald’s solo work since then. Brilliant stuff. If you haven’t got Pat MacDonald Sleeps With His Guitar, rush out and find a copy. Acoustic, just him and a percussionist. With a version of Daddy’s Down In The Mine that’ll haunt your dreams.

The last couple of albums, where they tried to flesh out the band, don’t work really well, IMHO. My favorite has to be Edge of Allegiance (with the aforementioned Standard White Jesus) with Eden Alley coming in a close second. Though I never got to hear the live album.

I’ve heard that Pat MacDonald has a couple of more albums out in Germany, but haven’t been able to find out where to get them. Maybe it’s time for an extensive web search…

Thanks for the recommendation - will Amazon the Pat MacDonald album forthwith, if it’s still in existence. Why did he go solo - split up with his wife,?

" I’ve never met anyone else who likes Timbuk3"

And I doubt that you ever will. There is a good reason for this. Its called “suck”.

I would be happy to discuss it over a Guiness, however, and you may persuade me otherwise. :smiley: I saw an ad on the TV where we can get a weeks stay in Ireland with airfare and rental car starting at only $499!

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

While I have nothing to add to Timbuk3, I will say this was probably for Sceptre Tours

I have a tour coming up in May where I got 10 days with rental car and B&Bs for under $1100. Yeah it’s more but I am staying longer. Their web site is down now and has been for awhile but maybe it will help. I’ve heard good things about them and a couple of close friends have used them with no problems. The biggest part is the airfare.

A little while after they broke up Timbuk3, they broke up. There’s a good article on Barbara K in the Austin Chronicle that goes into some of the details, along with a good brief history of the band.

That, my friend, is a hell of a deal. If you, or Edward The Head, fancy a day or two in Dublin, please alert us DubDopers by thread or email, as we’re always looking for an excuse for a pint or nineteen of the Black Stuff.


I thought they were OK but my ex played them so much I became sick of them. I saw them in concert, it was just him on guitar, her on bass and a drum machine.

When I saw them he also had a shoulder-brace harmonica thing on.

I once chatted with them very briefly outside the 930 club in DC, while <namedrop> hanging around with the Dead Milkmen </namedrop> after a show. I found T3 to be abrupt, if not disoriented.

Now, if you’d like to discuss the virtues of Pianosaurus…

I only knew their “Future So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades” song, but that was popular when I was in high school. I worked for State Farm Insurance agent at the time and they were one of our clients. At the time I thought that was pretty dang nifty.

I’ve got that album, and we liked it a lot. However, I was shocked to learn they were both fat. They don’t SOUND fat!

I saw them on SNL once, and they were godawful.

They don’t look lardy - unless cadaverous is the new fat! Check out the Austin Chronicle link above.

“Remember these words, cats will be cats and cats eat…birds”

I still have their first album on cassette, and I like it.

I still think occasionally about the song which discusses haircuts, in which people are categorized by which of the Three Stooges they most resemble.

Will have to keep an eye out for the solo stuff mentioned by the OP.

Anyone remember a local band called Pat MacDonald and the Essentials in Madison, WI?

If you didn’t leave too many brain cells in Madtown, did anyone ever see them live?

(I’m often surprised by the number of dopers who went to UW or have hung out in Madison).

Yeah, that was Pat MacDonald’s first band. Timbuk3 was formed when he and Barbara K decided to strip things down, and go to a two-human, one-boombox format, to cut down on expenses. Also, so that they could play on streetcorners easier.

My wife has a chrome mudflap girl from one of their shows from waaay back in the day here in A-town…

She also has right near all their albums. I don’t agree with their politics, but they could sure spin a catchy tune…

Her most recent Timbuk3 aquisition was a few years ago, this one: