I've searched for a Let Me In thread - no luck - is this it?

They are common words and the search facility here on the dope isn’t so great - so seeing as it opened in the US a month ago, if there is a thread please redirect me. If not - I saw it today in the UK and having seen Let The Right One In was curious as to what people thought.
For my money, had i seen it alone I would have really liked it. That said, it lacked the depth of the Swedish movie. So ultimately I liked it but it suffered by comparrison.

Your thoughts?


Here you go. I had to search for “Matt Reeves Chloe” to find it again.

I loved it! I think it’s one of the best movies of the year so far. Best movies, not just best horror movie. It doesn’t beat the Swedish version, but it’s way way way way WAY better than I ever could have hoped. It’s not just me. It’s 89% at Rotten Tomatoes. Of course, it did shitty business at the box office. It was too good for people who go see movies like Saw ##, and people who don’t generally like horror movies ignored it. It’ll become a cult classic in time, just like the Swedish version.

I was blown away by the fact that, unlike nearly all Americanizations, it didn’t totally suck. Aside from that, it was halfway decent.

Let Me In might be my favorite movie of the year.

I saw them both and liked them both a lot. I thought they did a great job with the remake, no complaints there. I’d be hard pressed to rate one better than the other.