Let the Right One In (no spoilers)

I keep hearing about this movie, Let the Right One In. It’s a Swedish movie about a little boy who befriends the kid next door, who turns out to be a vampire. Supposedly it’s the best vampire movie in a long time, kind of the anti-Twilight. I’m dying to see it but I doubt it will be released anywhere near me. Has anyone seen it? Is it as great as they say (97% on Rotten Tomatoes)? Also, how can I find out where it’s being released? I’m going to be in the NYC area during Thanksgiving, so maybe I can find it somewhere.

My wife and I saw it last week here in Denver (it is on a very limited engagement – I hope that it’ll be expanded, but with a heavily marketed and non-subtitled vampire movie out there, I doubt that it will).

I loved it – outstanding acting (especially on the part of the two young leads), incredibly evocative cinematography, great story, restrained and effective SFX. If you’re into vampires at all, I definitely recommend it – although, as you note, it’s on the other side of the bloodsucking fiend spectrum from “Twilight.”

The link “Showtimes and Tickets” on the left side of your linked page will help you find if and when it’s playing in your neighborhood.

An American remake of “Let the Right One In” is in the works, natch.

It was an excellent film. Not so much a horror film as a dark and disturbing romance. In my opinion, the film would almost have worked even without the vampire angle. My favorite of the year so far.

Goddamnit :mad: