Let Me In

Anyone else see this? It was a quiet (for a horror movie) but well made film. There were so few characters, it was almost like a play. I enjoyed it. I kept this spoiler free but feel free to use spoilers.


It was good. Unnecessary remake perhaps, but at least it was well done.

Yep, we’ve discussed it quite a bit. I liked it(have not seen original movie), but I didn’t think it was unbelievably good. Just really good.

It’s a good remake of a much better film. The car crash was excellent. Other than that, stick with the original, “Let the Right One In”, and in Swedish only. The English dub on the DVD is terrible.

Gotta disagree, I’d give them near equal marks.

Thanks for the link. I did a search but came up empty. Guess the words were too generic.

That was my feeling. They were subtle in their differences and for the most part very similar.

I did like how LMI avoided showing the mother. But I thought changing “I’m not a girl” from a gender issue to a species issue was lame, and not even written properly.

Also, I may be remembering it wrong but I thought LTROI had a single shot pool scene whereas LMI only had cuts making it less powerful.

But other than those things they were similar and had I not seen LTROI first I would have been impressed by LMI.