J.edgar And Homo's?

I Can Easily Understand The Rumors And Half Truths And Out Right Falsehoods That Abound In This Instance.i Have Had A Few Male Friends For The Past 25-30 Years, We Go On Vacations Together Wihtout Women In Accompaniment, We Hunt Together, We Fish Together, We Spend A Lot Of Time On The Phone When We Are A Long Distance Apart And Email On A Regular Basis To Each Other. Over The Years I Have Had Many People Mention To Me To My Own Ears And Some Even Behind My Back They Either Thought We Were Gay Or Had Some Inkling That We Sort Of Acted That Way. We Fool Around On Occassion When We Are Camping, I Think Horse Play Amoung Men Is Perfectly Acceptable, We Are Not Little Girls Who Must Be On Their Pees And Ques For Display, Were Men And They Say The Only Difference Between Men And Boys Is The Size And Price Range Of Their Toys. Well Speaking For Myself And My Commrades We Are Not Gay Or Homosexual Or Anything Of The Perverted Nature You Simpletons Would Like To Believe We Are, I Often Wonder If The People That Say Such Things Are So Unhappy In Their Life Or The Way Things Have Gone For Them In Life That They Feel The Need To Say And Do These Kinds Of Things Just To Make Themselves Feel Better. Its A Sick World Out There And There Is More Than Enough Sloth, Mendacities, And Hatefullness To Go Around , Do Not Intend To Add To Its Number By Speaking Such Things Even If You Have Proof. Thumpers Mom Told Him “if You Cant Say Something Nice Then Dont Say Anything At All!” Do You Realize How Much Pain And Suffereing Would Be Averted If We All Actually Thought About What We Were Going To Say Before Letting Our Toungue Get Us Into Trouble.
Nuff Said

Duke, welcome. To help us better understand the points you’re trying to make, please provide a link to the article to which you are referring. Also, it’s a lot easier to read something when every single word isn’t capitalized.

So You Guys Have Sex On Camping Trips, Huh? Sounds Pretty Hot.

Thanks for sharing. Bye!

Nice to meet you Duke. I love your work on spam emails. Really classic stuff.

This topic is only tangentially related to Cecil’s column on J. Edgar Hoover, so it doesn’t really belong in this forum. I’ll close it rather than move it because I don’t know what your point is. If you just meant to rant, the BBQ Pit forum is the appropriate place.

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