J. Lo's New Video: Ick!

I didn’t think it was possible for Jennifer Lopez to look unattractive, but she looks like death warmed over in her new video. I think it’s called “I Love U” and it features close-ups of her face interspersed with clips from her new movie “Gigli.”

She is either illin’ or wearing the worst makeup ever made. Pale, stringy hair… Anyone agree?

I haven’t heard one positive review of Gigli, either. “It sucks ass,” were the words used by a close friend.

Does it feature heapin’ helpin’s of her sweet luscious ass? 'Cause if it does, then it gets a thumbs up from Torgo!

I know… She looked awful… I only saw part of it but it looked like she was tryin to pull of a Gwen Stefani “Underneath It All” look… Gwen pulled it off but J-Lo did look more than a little like, to quote you, death warmed over… So very pale and with absolutely horrible makeup… And, Torgo, her ass didn’t make an appearance in what I saw and I don’t think I missed too much…

As of right now, I haven’t seen Gigli nor have any of my friends so I don’t have a opinion on it… I don’t think it is going to be that good cause the trailers are pretty unimpressive…

havent seen it, but theres a great article about lopez + affleck in gigli in the new edition of the onion

but im guessing most dopers knew that already

I could have sworn this Gigli was a gag. You mean to tell me it’s a real movie?