Jack from Jack in the Box

Has anyone ever seen what “Jack” looks like? What is his real name? Just curious…

HIs real name is Jonathon, but he goes by Jack to seem more friendly and less formal. :smiley:

That commercial with the little Jack head talking about how he and Jack hang out together cracks me up. I can’t myself when he uses the little head as a fishing lure!

I almost hate to ask this, but does anyone else think Jack is really hot? I just really go for that tall lean type. Plus, he’s smart, witty, powerful… (sigh) Married, though; it figures. :frowning: (Fave commercial is still the one where he does the spit-take.)

I love that one too Vix. He is sexy for those reasons you mentioned but, what about that voice??? I get shivers every time I hear it!


I envy the guy . … I mean, it’s well known that he lives in a box, and we all know what a box is.

No wonder he’s never wiped that fucking smile off his face. Surprised he doesn’t come up for air more often.

You know, the guy who does the voice is whathisname, the dude who played Max Headroom.

Interesting…just the voice though? Who’s the body?

Mr. Floppy from “Unhappily Ever After” . . . Bobcat Goldthwait (sp?), I think?

Matt Frewer? I didn’t know that! <Files away new bit of useless trivia>

Are you sure this is Matt Frewer? I’m 99% sure the name of the actor who does the voice of Jack is Michael McGaharn.

Check it out:,427551269

Listen especially to the third clip in the sample.

(Note, this is a RealJukebox file, so you might be asked to download the player.)

Here’s another, better sample:


<Pulls trivia back out of file>

Damn, I should know by now to wait until something has been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt.

<Juggles trivia nervously from hand to hand while awaiting final verdict.>

I love the commercial where the girl is sitting around the fire and she asks Jacke “How do you know if you are a lesbian?” That was some funny crap! I only saw it a couple times, I bet it was taken off the air for the obvious reason…

Oh yeah, the “Jack talks to kids” or something…I was rollin at that one. There was another one I think I only saw once and they took it off because it was so weird. It was like a spoof of the show “COPS” and they kicked some guy’s door down and chased him into the yard and threw him on the ground for saying calling it “Junk in the Box” and force fed him a Jumbo Jack or something, lol…They even had the hillbilly neighbors looking over the fence with their faces digitized for anonymity, heh. It was genius.

The ones with the Spicy, Crispy girls were great, and I’m sorta sorry the “Beefy, Cheezy Boys” never caught on, I almost think they were too good and people didn’t realise it was a joke!