No nookie for Jack

There’s a new Jack In the Box commercial in which Jack’s wife owns him in a word game. Jack plays the word “swavory” and his wife challenges him. He then uses it to describe the sweet and savory taste of his new waffle sandwich. His wife then plays the word “nonookie”.

Jack: What’s that supposed to-? Oh.

I was surprised they’d get away with that, but then I saw it on cable, where they can be looser with material than on the broadcast channels.

I’m reading the comments, and your OP, and I’m surprised people are finding this that shocking and raunchy. Really? “No nookie” is shocking can’t-believe-they-put-this-on-a-commercial?

They do have a habit of pushing the envelop. At least they aren’t pushing rope.

Another one of those commercials I don’t get. “Eat at Jack’s and you won’t get laid” - this sells waffles?


Dude regarding that stick… you ought to remove it from your posterior… Quite a few of us love Jack in the Box and think the commercials are the funniest ones around.

No. The fact that eating at Jack’s makes you play Scrabble ™ sells waffles.

It was actually Nono Okie, which was Lennon’s pet name for Yoko.


Well that seems a bit of an overreaction. I assure you I have no stick up my ass and enjoyed many a Jack in the Box meal when I lived in a place where there were some, but this commercial makes no sense.On any level. You might think it’s hilarious but that has nothing to do with Shodan’s comment.

Sure it does. It is a funny commercial. It makes people happy and so they have generally good feelings about Jack in the Box because of it. It is about all you can ask for from an ad for fast food.

I don’t find it shocking, but I’m surprised you don’t find it worthy of comment. It’s not what you’d expect in a fast food commercial. Maybe a Cialis commercial or a Trojans commercial. But like I said, it’s on cable.

And quite a few don’t. They’re lame as hell.

Honestly, I would not have noticed. Seems like a typical somewhat edgy Gen Y type of commercial. I swear I’ve seen much more sexually suggestive commercials on basic TV, but nothing specific (other than beer commercials) is coming to mind.

Or selling spaghetti sauce.

Jack in the Box is still around?

Ah, yes, the Ragu one. How could I forget it, after sharing it on my Facebook page. I find that much more wrong and raunchy than the “no nookie” commercial here.

Well the commercial is about a cold-hearted bitch who thinks it’s ok to emotionally and physically manipulate men just because she didn’t get her way at a stupid game and got her po wittle feewings hurt.

In fact, most commercials are of this variety.

It’s OK though, we’re only men. Try making a commercial that is insulting or belittling of women and see what happens though.

You must love the AT&T commercial, then. :wink:

Jack should have argued that names are not allowed in Scrabble, then. :wink:

Dude, it was on a triple word score.